You Want Some GOP, Yeah You Know Me!

I have said that you will not get positive campaigns until positive campaigns work.  I have just watched the Republican debate in Florida and I must say that I am very impressed with all the candidates.  Everyone answered the questions that were presented to them and did not turn ugly on their fellow Republicans. 

Compare that to a couple of days ago in South Carolina, the Democrats were selling tickets to an ultimate fighting cage match.  Three candidates come in, only one walks out!
Again, I am not trying to sway you to become a Republican, I would love to see open and honest debate among all the candidates.  While I personally think Hillary Clinton would be more prepared to be President then Barak Obama, I feel like candidate Obama would run a more issue oriented campaign then the Clintons would. 

While I have a lot of respect for Mrs. Clinton and lack the hate that is so prevalent on my side, she is a classic politician that will tell you what you want to hear.  Right now the Left wants out of Iraq so she is saying that she will pull us out of Iraq.  However, if she becomes President I can guarantee to you that it will not happen. 

She will be reading the same military reports that Bush is and while she may do things differently and probably will lower troop levels, she will not pull out altogether.  If you are voting for her thinking that she will end the war you are wrong, Nixon did the same thing, twice.
I also think that it is sad when someone like Barak Obama can not say something nice about a Republican President without having his words twisted around.  Whether you liked him or not, Ronald Reagan was a transformational leader in a way that Bill Clinton was not.  That is not to say that everything that Reagan did was right (99% of it was) and if you are a Democrat I am sure that there are things that you must feel that he did that were wrong. 

However, in 1979 our military was in a state of disrepair, we had hostages in Iran, the Soviet Union was in Afghanistan and threatening other parts of Europe, inflation and interest rates were through the roof, oil prices were at an all time high when you factor in inflation, Stagflation was the word used to describe the US economy, and their was an overwhelming feeling of despair.
By 1988 all of that had changed, Ronald Reagan was able to change the politics of his day and did bring about a message of hope like Barak Obama said.  Reagan had a Democrat House and Senate that he was able to work with and was willing to negotiate with Soviet Union in ways no one dreamed of. 

So when Obama complemented Reagan he was right to do so, to then take those words and say that he is a Republican, while a huge complement where I come from but is seen as a nasty thing over there in Lefty Land, is just wrong.  It is fairer to say that Bill Clinton was a Republican then Barak Obama; he was the one that passed NAFTA, reformed welfare and balanced the budget. 

Allan Greenspan called Clinton the best Republican President he worked with.
Anyway, I was proud of my GOP last night, I felt like they had an issue driven debate that was civil and at times very funny.  I have no illusions that will continue but at least it did last night.

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I need to add that the GOP debate Michael is referring to was a few weeks ago. Several of our bloggers here at CultureFeast are so prolific that they have already sent me 3 weeks of posts in advance.

The only reason that those posts haven’t come out right when submitted is that we’re keeping at least a week’s worth of material in queue at any given moment so that life doesn’t occur and keep us from putting out the goods.

Michael, let me know if you have an opinion on the release schedule.

To be fair, the last few Democratic debates have been very good too. While I do not agree with them, they have done a great job of explaining what they believe.

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