With a Name like Blagojevich, He Has to be Good

Sure, Rod Blagojevich may have tried to sell Barack Obama’s Senate seat to the highest bidder and I do not doubt that he and his wife are foul mouthed people.  However, despite all of that, I think he should stay on has governor of Illinois and continue to serve the people who elected him, twice.

Now, some of you ninnies out there may say, “Hey, he is corrupt, he must go.”  Sure he is corrupt, but he has a keen economic mind and in these tough times that is what we need.  He was able to look at the situation he was in and realize that the thing that he had was worth a lot of money to someone that simply just give it away was foolish.  That is an economic genius at work people!

It is this same practical mind that will be able to bring in more jobs to areas hard hit by manufacturing job losses.  Some less economically savvy governor may not realize the financial impact of losing these jobs and could be willing to let them go for nothing. 

Not Rod, he knows that this is thing is bleeping golden and is going to work as hard as he can to get Illinois the full share that they deserve.  Besides, if he can not take care of himself how is he supposed to take care of others?  I ask you.

Also, we know the man must be a great leader, how else did he win the popular vote?  Was it because of his name or his pretty boy hair?  No it was not, the name Blagojevich is no Kennedy and that mop of hair makes The Donald look good.  We know that in spite of all these hindrances he was able to rise above the fray and become the chef executive of one of the largest states in this great land of ours.

I would also like to thank the media for not using Rod as a way to disparage the good name of the Democratic Party.  For example, whenever there was a story about Ted Stevens the story would always start off the same, “Embattled Republican Senator, Ted Stevens….”.  It pleases me to see that the story about Rod Blagojevich is just about Rod and it is not about, “Embattled Democratic Governor, Rod Blagojevich…” 

I think the media has learned a valuable lesson here and they deserve our recognition for fairness and integrity.

So Rod, Mr. Blagojevich, you continue to keep doing what you believe is right, and if anyone tries to force you out, go nuclear and take them all down with you good sir.

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