Welcome Back, Dexter

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It is finally October. Yes, my favorite month is here. Fall is in full swing. It is the one month a year my bat purse doesn’t make me odd, dark make up is okay, and I get to watch all the cheesy horror movies until I want to gouge my eyes out with a dull spoon (and that is a good thing).

Another thing I love about this time of year, my favorite serial killer is back with new episodes. Yes, I am talking about Dexter.

I didn’t have Showtime during the first season, but CBS aired edited versions of that season during the writer’s strike. I was hooked immediately. I love Michael C Hall from Six Feet Under (another dark cable show). When I moved, I upgraded my cable to include the premium channel.

This season we find our twisted hero…protagonist…eh I’m not sure what to call him juggling the new baby, a life in the suburbs, his job and of course his dark secret. I know I shouldn’t like Dexter. He’s a killer, but they have created a character that you can’t help but root for.

We know he’s a killer. We know he’s sick. However, he kills the bad guys the police can’t take down. We hope week after week he gets his target, doesn’t get caught and keeps it all together. They take a person who by definition we should all hate, and make him some how enjoyable.

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Dexter is well written, well acted (most of the time) and tends to have lots of twists and turns every season. They keep coming up with new fresh ideas that keep the show from getting boring or just repetitive. This season it looks like Dexter’s nemesis will be John Lithgow. Lithgow will be playing another serial killer: the Trinity killer.

This guy started his killing 30 years ago in Miami, and now he is back. Keith Carradine returns as Lundy….he’s on the hunt for the Trinity killer. How will this effect Dexter and Deb this season? Will Dexter be able to get a full night’s sleep? Can he juggle it all? Every season he comes so close to losing it all, but he always comes out ahead. Will his luck keep up?

There are other things going on this season too. I am curious to see what they do with Joey Quinn. I wonder how the whole Batista /Laguerta relationship will work. I see Astor getting to the age where she is going to start to rebel. As if Dexter doesn’t already have enough to worry about! Will Rita learn Dexter’s secret?

Only time will tell. For now my calendar is booked on Sunday nights.

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