Unanswered Questions from LOST on ABC

I’m deep into LOST, the hottest show on Prime Time. Is this show going to completely disappoint me? Each new episode is so fascinating to me. Of course, whoever decided to make us wait for three weeks for another new episode should be shot, drawn, and quartered (i’m pretty sure that would suffice). 

So the two groups are together on the island now. Of course, there may be more, though how I don’t see how unless this is a freakin’ huge island! I hate to admit it, but I am more stumped after this week’s episode, because that whole black cloud of smoke moving like a creature sort of damages my theory that this is all some kind of scientific study on human behavior. 

Let’s review the mysteries as I see them: 

We don’t know who the people are that were attacking and kidnapping members of the Oceanic flight. 

If the children are safe, we don’t know where they are being kept. 

We don’t know why these people are so impossible to track, fight, hear, etc. They have almost superhuman prowess (or they are highly skilled hunters). 

We don’t know how those people arrived on the island. Are they natives who arrived centuries or more before? Are they shipwreck victims as well, who have adapted to the land because they’ve been there longer? Are they some sort of mystical abberations? Are they modern day pirates? 

And then we have that darn computer in the underground shelter. How is Walt (assuming it is Walt) able to communicate with his father (Michael)? That would require another computer and some kind of Internet, Satellite, or LAN setup. 

While we’re on the subject of the computer, what does it do? Is there really a weapon of some kind attached to that timer? Is it a psychological test? Are there scientists/sociopathologists watching all of this unfold, and the survivors are like rats in a maze? What will really happen if the code is not entered before the timer goes off? 

It’s more than a little odd that so many people on the plane had previous connections. It has been suggested in another forum that the survivors have always lived on the island, and that all of these flashbacks are implanted memories. This would weakly explain why one lady sees her old horse on the island and why certain members crossed paths in the past – what is actually present on the island has either bled into the imbedded memories or were part of the original implanting. 

Whos is behind the Dharma Initiative? Is it governmental? Is it private/corporate? 

Okay, I’m getting in over my head here. I just found a thread where hundreds of people joined a forum and are regularly discussing the plotline. The mysteries are fun to think about, but obsessing about them is just like getting caught up in role-playing games (i.e. not a good idea).

By Daniel Dessinger

Daniel founded CultureFeast in 2005, co-founded Mommypotamus in 2009, and writes frequently about self-awareness.

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