Top Ten CF Stories of September 2008

We’d like to take a few minutes to look back over September and give credit to the top stories during the month of September 2008. Some of these stories were written well before September, but continue to top the list in popularity. So without further ado, let’s begin with #10 and work our way to #1. Traffic numbers listed represent September traffic only.

10. Style A to Zoe: A Fashion Book Review (176 pageviews)
Rachel Longo-Tosoian reviewed this extremely popular fashion book back in May, and it’s still making the Top 10.

9. Movie Review: Evening (181 pageviews)
Ashleigh Holmes’ movie review written back in April still draws lots of attention. Starting to think I should watch this one.

8. Five Classic Love Stories Everyone Should Read (212 pageviews)
Heather Johnson contributed this article in May. These are classics, people. Buy them and read them (or look for possible free versions via iPhone apps like Stanza).

7. Blackberry Bold Versus iPhone 2.0 (265 pageviews)
Jeff McCord has written some extremely popular posts on mobile phones and tech. This one has been big since June.

6. Keith Olbermann’s Fall From Grace (279 pageviews)
Michael Callaway hit a few nerves with this one. People either love or hate Olbermann. He’s the liberal version of Sean Hannity, I suppose.

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5. Papaya Clothing Store (355 pageviews)
This topic isn’t going away any time soon. As long as continues to rank well for Papaya Clothing, we’ll continue to get tons of traffic for it.

4. Taylor Leaves Kidd Kraddick in the Morning (358 pageviews)
That’s right. I wrote this article in November of last year. Nearly a year later, it still ranks among our top 4 monthly posts. In all fairness, all 358 readers weren’t looking specifically for info on Taylor. This page happens to rank decently well in Google for Kidd Kraddick related terms.

3. Take the Test: Are You Liberal or Conservative? (441 pageviews)
Michael’s ironic post has drawn a ton of traffic since it was first posted in April, and is seeing a resurgence recently. Could it be that more and more people are looking for answers? Maybe the lines of liberal and conservative aren’t so clearly drawn. Or maybe our individual values borrow significantly from both parties.

2. Papaya Website Under Construction (651 pageviews)
Far and away the most popular article ever written on CultureFeast. I wrote this article a year and a half ago, back in April of 2007. People searching for Papaya Clothing see this result in the top 5 Google results and probably think it’s a current event. It’s not, folks! The Papaya site has been live for a year now! Not that we mind the traffic, of course.

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1. Caylee and Casey Anthony Open Thread (1,052 pageviews)
This true story captivated the hearts of millions of Americans. We’ve received quite a few comments on this post. Read through and post your own thoughts. Aaron Phillips wrote this article in August, and it has been the most popularly viewed article ever since.

As you can see, there is no rhyme or reason to what people will enjoy. It is notable that no single post written in September ranked among the most popular, and Aaron’s article on the Anthonys was the only post written in August that made the Top Ten.

I’m motivated to see some newer posts break through the Top Ten. Looks like I’ll get my wish, based on our web analytics thus far in October. Stay tuned for October’s Top Ten list in a few weeks.


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