Flip Ultra HD video recorder

To HD or Not to HD

On the chance that you’re anything like me, you love how Web 2.0 has transformed the world into instant gratification with video. On almost any blog and website these days, videos are embedded everywhere giving the user a “TV-esque” view into the world of others. YouTube transformed this into making video easy to upload and view and thus created a frenzy that has caused the world to never be the same.

I’m not writing to convince you that video and other social media has taken hold of the web. You’d basically be living under a rock if you disagreed. So with that said, on to my point. I want a new HD video recorder but I don’t want to pay HD prices.

For those of you who follow my online life, you know I film the Moxie Mo Show and I love embedding video that I record onto my blog as well as other sites such as YouTube and Vimeo. I got a Flip Ultra Video Recorder for Christmas this past year and it has literally transformed my once “text only” life into a social media conundrum. 

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What should I use to produce the best content? Can my SD videos keep an audience glued when everyone and their dog has HD? And is HD video really better than SD video? Well, I’m no expert, but I definitely agree that HD is absolutely purer and easier to watch and is just so fun to have.

So that leaves me with no answer to my puzzling question. How can I be in the “big leagues” when I don’t have the “big league” income or power that Robert Scoble or Cali Lewis or even iJustine have? And yes, I already know that just having HD will not put you into the big leagues. I realize it’s the content and what you have to say to the world that matters. But HD has got to help that a bit, no? Thus, I write you, CultureFeast readers, and ask, “is there an affordable HD Video Recorder that has worked wonders for you?”

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Without getting all technical, all I really want to use it for is to record my podcast as well as my typical life events: birthdays, parties, my dog Deco and well… me! I could care less if it’s the highest resolution and has all the neatest and latest tricks. I just want one that is easy to hold, easy to shoot and easy to transfer to my Macbook where I then can work my editing magic.

So, do any of you have a suggestion? I do not want to spend more than $500 tops. I just read in one of my RSS Feeds that some major manufacturer will be releasing a new HD Video Recorder for $400 but for the life of me I can’t remember which company is making this little gem. Leave me a comment in the notes if you have any suggestions, advice or anything I should stay away from!


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