The Pros and Cons of Chick Flicks

After spending most of my weekend watching “chick flicks’, I began to think about the pros and cons of the genre as a whole. Now I love a good girly movie, as they usually involve good looking men, some of my favorite female actresses and a fairy tale ending so what’s not to love. However as a single woman, it is possible that the common romantic comedy is indeed the bane of my existence.

On one hand the story presented on screen in such a way that women might have a “maybe this could happen to me” moment, so one might argue romantic comedies are hopeful and inspirational to singles everywhere.

You might find yourself trying the personals or online dating sites because it worked in “You’ve Got Mail” and “Must love dogs” or maybe you start planning a vacation, because women in the movies always meet the love of their life on vacation, right? 

The devil’s advocate in me, while being a fan of “chick flicks” also thinks they are only made to point out how alone and desperate single women can be. Sure, we all want it to happen just like in the movies; to have some handsome, rich guy to come in and sweep us off our feet and make everything better because apparently we are incapable of making ourselves happy.

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Sorry, that was a little bitter, but when we are inundated with movies showing women who aren’t truly happy until they find “the one”, it is basically telling all single women that they need to get married or forever become the lonely cat lady down the block.

Most guys hate romantic comedies, well hate is a strong word, more like they do not enjoy most chick flicks and I see their point. Women often want men to act the way they do in the movies, and guys have not seen enough of them to know what that even means.

I found myself agreeing with Vince Vaughn’s character in “The Break-Up” during the scene where he and his girlfriend (Jennifer Aniston) got into a fight because she wanted him to want to do the dishes and he had no idea what she was talking about.

As women, I will fully admit, we sometimes have our expectations set to high when it comes to dating and relationships. We want a guy to bring us flowers for no reason, to be able to read our mind and finish our sentences, and I blame the romantic comedy.

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Men and women are programmed differently, that is blatantly obvious, but no man is going to know you want poetry, flowers, or even the occasional load of laundry washed if you don’t tell him. After all men have not spent their entire lives waiting on white knights to rescue them from castle towers, they are too busy blowing things up and saving the day to worry about romance.

I love romantic comedies, I really do, but too many in one weekend can make a single girl jaded. Will I quit watching? Of course not, despite the fact I am a self professed tomboy, I am still a female and the romantic comedy gene is embedded in our DNA.

It’s unavoidable; I will continue to watch “chick flicks” and I will continue to cry at both the sad parts and the really sweet ones as well. Maybe romantic comedies are not the bane of my existence after all; I’ll save that title for most Sylvester Stallone movies.



  1. Romantic comedies/chick flicks tend to have the opposite effect on me. I’ll be in a horrible mood, and I’ll just hate my life and think that everything about it sucks, and I’ll lament the lack of a man in my life (really, it only gets to me when I’m surrounded by too many couples for too long, and I’ll begin to think, “Why not me?”), and then I’ll watch a romantic comedy and begin to believe again.

    Maybe it really is possible. Granted, it won’t be quite as fairy tale-ish as the movies make it out to be, but like Marisa Tomei says in Only You, “Somebody wrote those songs,” in reference to the love songs from South Pacific. Somebody writes these movies, and it’s hard for me to believe that every single scene comes from someone’s imagination. I know there are some pretty imaginative people out there, but they can’t be THAT imaginative. Some of it HAS to come from actual experiences.

    As far as a man reading your mind and knowing exactly what you want, I agree that no one, man or woman, will ever be able to truly read your mind; however, one of my best friends is a man, and I’m continually amazed by the level at which we click. There truly are times where I finish his sentences and he finishes mine. So I can’t help but KNOW that there are people out there who will pick up on my silly jokes and love me for all my flaws, and maybe, just maybe, send me flowers just because they were thinking about me.

  2. Hey Brandy,

    I too enjoy my chick flicks so much so I have a whole website devoted to the genre. I have found in my reading that some women hate the use of the term “chick flick” but I view the genre much like yourself as a fun escape. I think most movies in the genre encourage us to believe in ourselves with or with out a significant other (which ever may be our present state). These movie also reenforce the power of friendship and family.

    I enjoyed your post. Here is the website if you want to check it out and comment.


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