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The Irony of Gothic Tragedy: Heath Ledger and Brandon Lee

If I was a young up and coming actor in Hollywood, I would probably consider turning down any roles that involve a dark, gothic theme, white clown makeup, bad eye liner, and long, greasy hair.

Although Heath Ledger was far more established in the acting community, Brandon Lee had a lot of potential as well. Although purely speculative, my gut tells me that Heath Ledger’s death was accidental, similar to Brandon Lee’s death. They both died at the age of 28 – another eerie similarity between these 2 young actors.

I’m not particularly superstitious, and it’s probably just a coincidence. But it made me pause and think. 

I wonder what kind of work Brandon Lee would have done had he lived. And now, Heath Ledger joins the ranks of unfortunate unmet potential. 

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Both of those situations were very sad. I agree, I think Ledger’s was an accident. He seemed to be a great dad to his little girl and has a lot going for him. I’m sad this happened to him and his family.

I hate hearing about these situations. I remember feeling robbed when Heath Ledger’s death was announced on Wednesday. I thought of A Knight’s Tale and how my wife loved it when we were dating. His role in that film was something we shared an appreciation and simple enjoyment of early in our relationship.

I will watch it again in his honor, and then observe a period of silence because I most certainly feel a loss.

This situation is very unfortunate indeed. I am sorry for the loss that his family is facing.

I had no idea of the similarities between the two actors for The Crow movies. I must say that is very odd.

I absolutely adore The Crow. It’s one of my favorite movies ever, and every time I watch it, I’m deeply saddened by the circumstances surrounding Brandon Lee’s death. I wonder if I love the movie more because of his tragedy, or if I’d like it no matter what.

The first thing I thought when I heard of Heath Ledger’s death was how me and my roommates in college went to see A Knight’s Tale at least 4 times in the theaters. We loved it! And oddly enough, I hadn’t watched it in years, but I watched it on New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day.

You’re right, Aaron. There’s no telling the heights these two actors might have reached had they lived.

That’s very odd. I, Myself immediately thought of Brandon Lee on Tuesday after reading the news. The similarities are a bit strange. Yet probably nothing to obsess about. But obviously I’m not alone in my thoughts.

i am an inspiring actor myself. i love brandon lee. i was terribly saddened by his death. with all respect, i’d heard of heath ledger but i (did not know him) i guess i wasn’t really into him until i saw him in the patriot with mel gibson. anyway, it’s certainly a weird similarity between both actors. both in white clown-like makeup; both in long black trench coats; both wielding sawed-off shotguns (lee was anyway) and both with an eerie scary laugh (yes, lee laughed a couple of times. scary!).

i give both actors my deepest respect and admiration. who knows? maybe they could’ve made a movie together. we’ll never know.

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My boyfriend (I mean husband, we are from California) Michael is very inspiring in the bedroom, but as an actor, he is not.

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