The Encore Azalea: Queen of the Flower Bed

Encore Azaleas are one of my favorite bushes to plant. You can use them in many different ways in landscape concepts and designs they can be used as a colorful back drop or in front of a green back drop of bushes as a different level or as an accent at the corners of a flower bed.

Encore Azaleas have a nice evergreen leaf and look great even when they’re not blooming. When they do bloom in the spring, summer, and fall, they are gorgeous. Encore Azaleas come in about 20 different colors: mostly pinks, reds, oranges, purples and whites. My favorites are the Monarchs and Royalty.

Encore Azaleas are easy to care for. The key to healthy Encore Azaleas is proper soil, environment, watering and fertilizing. When I plant Encores I always use peat moss which retains water well and is ideal for the plant. Azaleas are also an acid loving plant, so they need the proper fertilizer. You can actually buy fertilizers made specifically for Azaleas.

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Azaleas can withstand the North Texas heat, but I prefer to plant them in areas that get plenty of shade. They seem to thrive in shaded environments. Encores also need plenty of water, so always plant them in flowerbeds that have an adequate irrigation system*.

The Encore Azalea is definitely a great way to go when planting a new bed. Their vibrant, delicate blooms speak for themselves.

* for more information on how to plant and care for Encore Azaleas, visit Terra Firma Landscaping website.


  • Irrigation systems usually lead to over-watering. Azaleas will not tolerate wet feet. The two best ways to kill an azalea are to over-water and to over-fertilize. The best advice is to water throughly but not frequently — and to go easy on the fertilzer.

  • Bill is definitely correct about over watering. Proper drainage is imperative. It has been recommended when planting to dig your hole and fill it with water and make sure the water drains within a couple of hours. Otherwise, you might have to take corrective action.

    My advice for North Texas residents about watering and irrigation: it is crucial that they get adequate water as it is for most plants in North Texas. North Texas summer temperatures can reach over a 100 degrees for weeks at a time, so neglecting to water Encore Azaleas during these periods is a surefire way to kill your plant. New Azaleas will die if the soil dries up.

    When fertilizing, I typically do it 3 times a year: once in the Fall, once in the Spring and once at the beginning of the Summer – never after August. I am curious to get Bill’s opinion on an Encore Azalea versus the Traditional Azaleas.


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