The Beginning


The name CultureFeast came to me more than a year ago and wouldn’t leave. There have been many plans for this name: online bookstore, blog, art & culture review, and copywriting portfolio. Because this blog will not contain the scope of my vision, this blog may eventually move to a subdomain to make room for more of my ideas.

For now, this site will offer samples of my writing – both professional and personal. To some it will seem a tad uncouth. So be it. I am who I am, and my writing reflects my humanity. It just so happens that studies are now showing that marketers are most successful when their ads and copy hone in on a select group of people. What perfect timing! I have been reaching out to real people through my writing for sometime.

Anyhow, I hope you enjoy what you read. If your eyes happen to get bored or you want to read about something specific, feel free to comment or send me a message via Contact Form. My door is always open.

See you around,

Daniel Dessinger

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