Surprise VP Pick for McCain

Let me go on record as saying I was completely wrong in who I thought John McCain was going to pick.  I was hopeful for Mike Huckabee but thought it would be Mitt Romney, I know people were talking about the governor of Minnesota or of Florida but I did not think that was the way he was going to go.

As I looked at the choices I really did not see how any of them, even my beloved Huckabee would really help McCain.  Here is what I felt John needed to do to be elected President:

First, he had to have a pick that would excite the base of the Republican Party. While I may not agree with their lack of enthusiasm, it is a fact.  The Rush Limbaugh’s and other conservative talking heads were not excited about that pick, it was possible that they may not go out and vote. 

Obama has his base excited, he needed a pick that gave experience, McCain has the experience, he needed a pick that give the excitement.

Second, John McCain needed a pick that would have some pull for the “Angry Hillary Voters”. There are a lot of strange reasons why people vote the way they do, for some women out there the only reason that they wanted Hillary is because she is a woman. 

If McCain could reach into his magic bag and pull out a pick that brought in some of those voters that would be awesome.

Finally, he needed a pick that would add some visual appeal to the ticket. I am not talking eye candy like Paris Hilton or anything like that, but when you compare the GQ qualities of Barack Obama to the nitty gritty John McCain it really does not look so good on TV.  I hate to even say that this is important, but the 1960 Nixon/Kennedy debate showed us that looking good on TV matters. 

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The people that listened to the debate on the radio thought Nixon won (he did by the way and should have been President in 1960), those that watched it on TV thought Kennedy won.

As I looked at the cast of characters I did not see anyone that could do all three.  Huckabee would energize the base (maybe), would have little appeal to the “Angry Hillary Voters” and had some visual appeal in the sense that he is a natural campaigner. 

Joe Lieberman would have angered the base, would have had a solid pull on the “Angry Hillary Voters” and would have had the visual appeal of a 65 year old philosophy professor at Yale (sorry Joe, love your support).

Finally Mitt Romney would have appealed to the base (why I do not know) and would have added to the visual appeal on TV.  Like Huckabee, I doubt he would have brought in the “Angry Hillary’s”.   While I wanted Johnny to go three for three, I felt like two out of three was not bad, hence the belief that it would be Romney.

One of the things that I have always appreciated about John McCain is that he is a maverick, when it looked like his campaign was dead in the summer of 07 he did what he has always done, town hall meetings and he won. 

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I would love to tell you that I always knew he would come through but that would be a lie.  Now when I think he is going to make a safe pick he goes bold and picks Sarah Palin.

While she may not have the national experience that some of the others would have had, I love the pick because she helps McCain with all three of the goals.  Her strong social conservative values had Rush Limbaugh singing her praises and back supporting the Grand Old Party. 

For those people who really wanted a woman might now consider McCain and finally, as America’s hottest governor she will add visual appeal.

Also, the more the Democrats make the case that Palin is not as prepared as Biden to be VP, it highlights that Obama is not as prepared as McCain to be President. Yes, she is a heartbeat away from being the President, Obama would be the President.  Finally, with Palin as the VP choice it limits how affective Biden can be in the VP debate.  If he is too harsh it is going to look really bad, call it reverse sexism if you want, no one wants to see a man yelling at a woman. 

If he is too soft it will be a wasted pick getting an attack dog as a VP when he could have gone with the inspirational Tim Cain.  Overall, it is a great pick, that is why McCain is the man!



  1. Jolly Sapper

    Virtual penny for your thoughts…

    So you don’t think that Palin on the ticket will hurt what McCain’s been pushing about Obama’s lack of experience?

    What about the seeming lack of a vetting process? Palin seemed to come in outta the blue, and it just now seems that McCain is realizing that she’s in some legal trouble. While she might excite the Religious Right and get some of the “only for Hillary cause she’s a woman” votes, do you think this will keep the moderate/moderate conservative/independants convinced that the GOP has the best interests of the country in mind?

    A question I found mentioned around the intertubes is, why Palin and not some other more qualified/experienced female GOP politician who have all of the same characteristics you mentioned as pro’s for Palin?

  2. Michael Callaway

    I do like Palin choice because of her conservative views. I like that she has been a mayor, a governor and a reformer. True she does not have a lot of experience but neither does Obama. As Bill Clinton said, there is no experience that prepares you to be President then being President. I would say the same is true for VP.

    I like John McCain because of his more moderate views and willingness to break with the Republican Party when need be. As far as Palin child being pregnant, I do not see that as an issue, personally I hope that the Democrats are dumb enough to go after that story. Obama was smart enough to say it is a non-issue.

  3. Jolly Sapper

    hmm.. Well Palin is pretty conservative. I’m not sure what makes her a “reformer” though.

    I agree the quote from Clinton, but I’d have to ask if McCain’s or Palin’s supporters trying to drum up “experience” where there wasn’t any, will this hurt the Repub ticket?

    About the only thing I can think of that would make Palin’s daughter’s pregnancy an issue is that Palin cut funding for an organization that served the purpose of getting pregnant teens the proper medical care, education, and access to services they would need to have a healthy child.

    It doesn’t help her “abstinence education” only stance either. If you can’t teach comprehensive sex ed, then I’d imagine that you can’t teach a young woman about the services available or the prenatal medical stuff either.


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