So You Think You Are Ready?

May 22nd cannot get here soon enough, because of course, as we all know Fox will be premiering the 4th season of the hit series So You Think You Can Dance, and I could not be more excited.

As a dance teacher, I could fill the void between summers with Dancing with the Stars on ABC or Step It Up and Dance on Bravo but I don’t, though I will admit I even watched the Jennifer Lopez produced Dancelife on MTV to pass the time once, but nothing compares to So You Think You Can Dance.

DWTS is good enough for mom but I’ve never been a fan of ballroom dancing, though I respect it as a style. Step It Up and Dance, hosted by Elizabeth Berkley, is just sad with the weird challenges and overall cheesiness. Dancelife was a little different in that it was basically a reality show about dancers trying to make it in the business, which while it offered a new spin on a dance show; I always wanted more dancing.      

Admittedly I came into the game late with SYTYCD as I didn’t catch on until Season 2, but Seasons 2 and 3 have been phenomenal and more than made up for my lack of Season 1 (which I have watched thanks to the wonderful world of Youtube).

Instead of watching people who have never danced before try not to look foolish in ridiculous costumes, I’d rather spend my time watching young dancers, with incredible talent; get the opportunity to live their dreams.

Just to refresh everyone’s memory, Nick Lazzarini won Season 1 with Melody Lacayanga coming in second place. Now after my Youtube time, I have to say that Nick is a very talented dancer, but my favorite was Blake McGrath, who by the way was on Dancelife so it all worked out for him. Fast forward past Season 1, and we have Cat Deeley as our new host replacing Lauren Sanchez and a new crop of young faces ready to impress.   

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My favorite dancer of Season 2 was runner up Travis Wall. While a contemporary dancer at heart, Travis could pull off any style with ease due to a tremendous amount of natural talent. Natalie Fotopoulos was probably my favorite girl from Season 2, because to me she possessed all the key elements: style, looks, talent, and energy though Heidi Groskreutz, was also incredibly talented. In a close race, Benji Schwimmer (Heidi’s cousin) edged Travis for the title of America’s favorite dancer and my love affair with second place began.

In Season 3, I knew from the beginning that Danny Tidwell was going to win, not only was he Travis Wall’s adopted brother and grew up in a dance studio, but he was insanely talented and incredibly good looking so I was a fan from the start. Neil Haskell, my other favorite guy of Season 3 took 4th place, with Lacey Schwimmer (Benji’s sister) receiving 3rd place, and Danny was runner up to Season 3 winner Sabra Johnson.   

Season 4 should be just as excited and entertaining as previous seasons and frankly, as long as Mia Michaels is a choreographer I’ll be tuning in. While SYTYCD hosts some incredibly talented choreographers, as far as I’m concerned there is no one better than Mia Michaels. The woman won a freaking Emmy for her choreography after all.

While we have to sit through a very American Idol-esque couple of episodes which highlights some of the best and worse auditions, once the dances and voting will get underway, the level of talent and our entertainment value will rise. So mark your calendars for May 22nd and get ready to see who thinks they can dance.

5 thoughts on “So You Think You Are Ready?”

  1. I can’t wait. I AM ready. I love this show so freaking much it’s almost embarrassing, but considering I own cinematic gems like Center Stage on DVD JUST because it’s got dancing in it, I really shouldn’t be surprised.

    The best part of SYTYCD is that I got my husband hooked on it last year. We’d just gotten married and watched TV together a lot, and it took him almost to the season finale, but he admitted he was addicted. Right now we’re watching Step It Up and Dance together too…cracks me up.

  2. I agree on the owning movies strictly for the dancing. I own almost every movie out there that has dancing in it…some I’m almost embarassed to name. haha :) One of my students is graduating next year and I want her to try out for the show.

  3. OMG…Mia is amazing, Travis was my all time favorite, but I never was that amazed by Danny. I am certainly excited, though, about this season starting!

  4. Back when I was swing dancing, I collected clips of movies from the 1930s and 40s that had great dance sequences in them. I would pore over them for hours trying to figure out the next trick I was going to try on the dance floor. It’s no wonder I have an obsession for dance movies and dance TV shows! LOL

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