Sarah Palin “Shocked” Open Thread

I really don’t consider myself a politically savvy character. Yes, I am an American. Yes, I vote. What party do I support? I prefer to keep people guessing. Here is hint: my favorite Presidents have been Ronald Regan and John F Kennedy.

After hearing the news, I couldn’t wait to get home and google this lady who might make history and find out as much as I could about her. My first impression was Wow! She is pretty damn attractive – especially considering she is 44, a mother of 5, and a politician.

She is the governor of Alaska. She is pro-life, pro gun, pro drilling, and a tree hugger (life time member of NRA). She seems to stand against corruption. That being said, she does seem to be far right and ultra conservative.

I don’t think any body honestly was expecting Palin as the pick for VP. The political pundits say it was a “gamble”, or it was “bold”. I have to agree on both. This is a little off topic, but does Keith Olbermann annoy any one else? At any rate, I think McCain is borderline genius with this pick and absolutely trumps Obama’s pick.

Think about this outside the debated issues foreign policy etc. And think about from more of a human/ American point of view. Although Obama has been a breath of fresh air for politics it has been played out and its old news and he goes with the safe pick although his “its time for change” implies something new and different. I believe McCain now has the upper hand in “new and different.” So you have the war hero, maverick senator, extremely experienced McCain and the mother of 5 (her youngest with Down syndrome) ex-beauty queen and sportscaster (This will appeal to more than just women).

Obama and Biden seem like the regular politicians at this point. The “more of the same.”

Which is more appealing to you? I wonder if Obama is thinking man I should have went with Clinton. He actually took the bigger risk in retrospect going with the safe pick.

I will say this I am actually in a weird way excited about this election.

What do you think about the pick?

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