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Reality Check: Paris Hilton to be Awarded WOMAN OF THE YEAR!!!

Every year we experience different types of award ceremonies: in the media, schools, music, writing, food and in our own little neck of the woods.  But this year, I came across an award that almost made me fall out  of my chair.

As I was surfing the Net, I came across the funniest story that really caught me off guard. Every year, Harvard University is one of these little schools known for their high prices and intelligent students. So how in the world did they decide to award Ms. Paris Hilton Woman of the Year?

This girl is either one really good actress or just one really ditsy blonde. First of all, right before the premiere of The Simple Life which co-stared lifetime bff Nicole Richie, Ms. Hilton came out with her first movie, i.e. One Night in Paris.

Now i don’t know about you, but I thought that it was a pretty funny tape. She didn’t seem to mind it all that much until mommy was asked about it in an interview and then all the sudden Paris was enraged by the violation of her privacy.

My mom taught me that anything I would’nt want to get around about me is best left unspoken, and I think the same would go for making videos. As we all know, Paris didn’t do so bad raking in the dough from The Simple Life. And then she made sure to get into a real life drama-filled fight with Ms. Richie to insure the ratings of her show for the next two seasons.

So now she has a movie coming out on February 8, 2008, called “Hottie and the Nottie.” It’s superficial story about the hot friend and the ugly friend. Hmm… I wonder which character she will play? So right before the premiere of her movie, Ms. Hilton will be on campus at Harvard University receiving the Woman of the Year Award and, of course, she will be  premiering the movie on campus all day!

Wow! I’m so glad some parents can afford that higher education. But the joke is that she is being awarded by Harvard’s Lampoon, which is the oldest running comedy magazine. It has to make me wonder if she is really that smart or really just that dumb?

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That’s a great story! To think that Paris Hilton could be considered for a “Woman of the Year” type award is both preposterous and hilarious. I’m glad to know that the award is a farce.

Though I’ve been numbed to the reality of it after months and years of exposure, there was a time when I was awed and amazed that someone with so little acting or singing talent could become so famous.

In collegiate circles, they will continue to discuss the recent phenomenon of “famous for being famous” or “famous for fame’s sake”. And every time I hear that discussion, I think of Paris.

I think it is safe to say that we would all love to be “famous for nothing”, but (and it’s a REALLY BIG BUT) not in the fashion of one Paris Whitney Hilton. I cannot think of anybody else in the world that has more people willing to caress her with one hand and stab her in the back with the other. I know most of hoopla is her own doing (or her PR firm’s), but there comes a point that you have to say that Paris Hilton would have been Shakespeare’s greatest muse. She is both a walking comedy and tragedy all rolled into one.

Here it is folks…if Paris Hilton is Woman of the Year, then let’s nominate Brittney Spears for Mother of the Year as well. While were at it, I wouldn’t mind a nomination for the presidencial race as well.

Beware…angry rant coming up:

I couldn’t possibly care less about Paris Hilton, Nicole Richie, Christina Aguilera or Britney Spears. I abhor reality television, including America’s Next Top Model and Project Runway.

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