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Race to Witch Mountain Speculation

I was pretty excited when I heard they were remaking Escape to Witch Mountain. I loved the original and their sequel. Even though both movies were released before I was born (1975 and 1978 respectively), my parents taped them off of cable (or ABC’s the Wonderful World of Disney on Sunday nights) and I watched them time and time again. I thought Tia and Tony were so cool, and I was mesmerized by the story lines.

Even as I grew up, they remained two of my favorite movies. Even when I found out that Kim Richards (the actress who plays Tia) was Paris Hilton’s aunt, I still loved it. I bought both of the special edition DVD’s AND I have watched them both with the cast and director commentary.

I was excited to see how more modern special effects would make the movie bigger and better. Then I started hearing more about it and now I am starting to worry. No, it isn’t just because “The Rock” was cast in it (and seriously I think that was a good move). There are many other things that make me uncertain if I will be seeing this in the theater.

Tia and Tony are no longer. Now they are Seth and Sara. I’m sorry, but this just irks me. The movie Escape to Witch Mountain is based on a book by Alexander Key. The characters are Tia and Tony in the book. Yes, I get that the book was Disney-fied and they made Tia and Tony younger. However, completely changing their names, and the names of rest of the characters is just uncalled for.

Instead of a remake, they are insisting on calling it a re-imaging. So instead of updating a classic, they are changing big parts of the story. No wait, they are changing the whole story. It appears instead of spending the movie on the run AND trying to figure out who they are and where they are from, they already know all this and now they are just one the run. I’m just not convinced this will be worth my movie money.

Then again, I could be wrong. It is unfair of me to judge the movie without seeing it. I mean from the previews it does appear the bring back the old Winnebago. That is a bonus. Also I have read that Kim Richards and Ike Eisenmann (Tony) are making cameos, so that is another draw. I guess I will just have to wait and see.

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