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Day 1 Review of Q-Link Oasys

Have you ever had people recommend therapies, treatments, or lifestyle changes that sounded so silly you knew you’d never give it a second thought? I know I have.

But you know you are desperate when what sounds like quackery is now a valid consideration. When things get so bad that you will try anything to help, because you have nothing to lose. Dignity and pride are worthless without health.

Due to our family history of Lyme disease combined with my constant WiFi sensitivity, I’m always on the lookout for anything that might boost our family’s resilience.

Testing the Q-Link Oasys

My most recent purchase is the Q-Link Oasys for our home. Per the Q-Link website,

As I mentioned in another post, we bought the Apple TV to perform a very specific function in our home, but had to reconcile and plan around the WiFi and BlueTooth emissions. I learned from Apple tech support that the WiFi is automatically turned off as soon as adequate ethernet signal is detected, so that removes half of the emissions. BlueTooth isn’t something we can eliminate, and we already have a BlueTooth emitting infrared sauna, so there are signals emitted from within our home that we don’t 100% eliminate.

Enter the Q-Link Oasys portable with SRT-3. Unlike the passive Q-Link pendants, bracelets, and smartphone stickers you’ve already seen, Q-Link claims that the Oasys emits a 70 foot omni-directional radius of SRT-3.

You charge the Oasys with the provided cable and plug, then it operates as a battery-powered portable device. I prefer this method to the less expensive Nimbus and Stratus because it doesn’t require USB connectivity to operate. That means the Oasys is not dependent on a computer to power it. So I can keep it in the house if I want, or I can put it in the car, my pocket, and even set it on a counter in the gym if I want non-stop continual coverage.

What does it feel like to have the Oasys turned on?

Being WiFi / signal sensitive, I am uniquely qualified to answer this question. While WiFi signals create a sensation of jet lag and even nerve pain, I’m experiencing the exact opposite since I activated the Oasys for the first time two hours ago.

Most of the first noticeable sensations I get from WiFi originate in my chest and sternum. Same thing here. I feel a bit of hyperactivity, as though the cells in my body are revved up. It’s not entirely dissimilar from feeling highly caffeinated. I don’t feel energetic, per se. My limbs don’t feel refreshed and ready to be physically active. But I do feel an accelerated vibration in my body.

Oasys versus Zero Wireless Signals

Having lived for five years in a valley surrounded by forest, I know what it feels like to have no WiFi and virtually no cell signal reaching my body for long periods of time. The stillness and peace my body felt was priceless. I slept so deeply and so well. You might experience a similar feeling of difference if you took two weeks off from driving a cab in New York City and laid on a beach in the Caribbean.

Every time I left our home to run errands in town, I felt the effects WiFi and LTE signals on my body. It felt like my blood sugar dipped dangerously low while being simultaneously dehydrated. I lost energy, motivation, and drive.

What I’m experiencing right now is the opposite of that. The Oasys portable device is across the room, 25 feet away. My cells feel energized, like they’re moving faster. I don’t know how else to describe it. But I’m not sure if I like it or not yet. It’s not like feeling deeply rested. I don’t feel the same peace and calm of our home in the woods. So my opinion of this device is still to be determined.

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By Daniel Dessinger

Daniel founded CultureFeast in 2005, co-founded Mommypotamus in 2009, and writes frequently about self-awareness.

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