We Need a More Developed Philosophy of Energy

All matter is energy. This is universally understood in today’s scientific circles. Every molecule and every atom vibrates, or is actively in motion. That movement generates a frequency. Every living organism resonates a frequency or frequencies. 

Once we acknowledge this fact, we face the inevitable conclusion that disharmony and/or disease results from disruptive or non-harmonic frequencies. We label them something else; something with identity. 

The earth emits its own frequencies. This resonance generates beneficial results in our bodies. It’s safe to say the human body was designed to benefit from the earth’s resonance. 

With that in mind, it is easy to see, even from a superficial and layman’s point of view, that it’s conceivable that unnatural or unintended frequencies could cause us harm. They could disrupt the status quo resonance we need for ideal health and wellness. 

Every resonance is essentially a signal. I use this term because it helps me visualize the existence and character of resonance. 

How are we to know what is a beneficial signal and what is not?

By Daniel Dessinger

Daniel founded CultureFeast in 2005, co-founded Mommypotamus in 2009, and writes frequently about self-awareness.

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