Papaya Clothing Store Website Still Under Construction

UPDATE: The Papaya Clothing Website is Now Live!!!

To all the women who have left the 300 or so comments on this blog about Papaya Clothing, your action made a difference! The site is now live and you can shop online from anywhere! Finally!

The people truly do have a voice. I have received several comments from people claiming to be Papaya Clothing employees, proving that the company took notice of your comments here.

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I want to hear from the people. For all of you who have been visiting my website, hoping to find more information about Papaya Clothing stores in your area, let me first apologize. I don’t know much more than that they have a Papaya Clothing Store in Grapevine Mills Mall and apparently at Stonebriar in Frisco. But let’s get to the point.

I wrote a blog about Papaya Clothing stores and their affordable prices at the beginning of November 2006. That was five months ago. I just checked, and their website is still “under construction.” No sign of progress and no contact information is provided on the URL. That’s not going to cut it.

I literally receive as many as 300 visits to a day from Google and Yahoo searches for “Papaya Clothing Store” or “Papaya Clothing store locations” or some variation. My one little blog post about the cheap and stylish clothes at Papaya five months ago drives up to 11,000 visitors in a month to my site. That means that someone needs to get on the ball and finish their site.

So here’s the deal. We all know that I work for Vizion Interactive, a Dallas web design and search engine marketing company. I’m going to approach Papaya Clothing and show them my site visitor stats and see if VIZION can’t help them launch their website. Papaya is just too hugely popular to not launch and optimize the website as soon as possible.

That’s where you the reader come in. I want to hear from you. If you are looking for information on Papaya clothing online and you come across this blog post, I want you to leave a comment here, telling me what kind of information you want from them. Do you want to shop and buy online? Do you want to know where the nearest store is located? Do you want to know if they’re hiring? Do you want to know if they offer franchising options? Or do you just want to know what everybody is talking about?

Post a comment here. Your voice will count in getting this website launched. 


Daniel Dessinger

By Daniel Dessinger

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