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New Internet Talk Show Launches for Indie Authors

Earlier this year, Ozuna Publications, in conjunction with Artist First Radio Network, launched an Internet talk show designed specifically for the independently published author, also known as self-published authors.

If you take into account the vast array of new publishing houses and books released each year, it is no wonder why so many are swarming to get in line for a full feature interview on a program that in less than six months, has made headway and is impacting and representing the world of indie publishing on a grand scale.

What started as a means to promote my own work has taken on a life of its own. After my humble beginnings in book promotion here with the CultureFeast family and my work to help others via my blog, Drawing Stories…With Words , I received a blessed opportunity to begin sharing some insight via Artist First Radio Network.

Having no real radio background but many vast years of experience talking out of line, I managed to conjure the attention of some 3,200 listeners on my very first show. In the early stages the show was called, The Soul of Humanity and it was originally designed to feature indie artists–musicians and authors alike–and has since featured some literary experts.

As I have labored to build a brand for my name and establish true identity and credibility with the literary world, I have since changed the name of the program to: The Bobby Ozuna Show .

Every week we feature a new indie artist or field expert. The shows stream live for one full hour, commercial free, and during that time we discuss various aspects of the person behind the art. The Bobby Ozuna Show streams LIVE every Wednesday night at 7PM CST via Artist First Radio Network and is staking its claim with the online listening community, collecting an average listening audience of 10,000+ listeners per show.

Every show is archived for later listening, which offers both the guests and the sponsors to have their shows and ads run continuously as each guest can post links back to the archived recording.

Get Exposure through Advertising

The Bobby Ozuna Show offers help to those not ready for the full-feature interview. “The Author Book Plug” feature is a low-cost marketing alternative available to anyone wishing to promote their work online.

Everyone who signs up for this feature gets their book’s Amazon widget featured on Bobby’s blog: “Drawing Stories…With Words ” and during the live broadcast they get their name, book’s title and a brief 2-sentence description read during the opening monologue session of the show. In one month’s time an author can get air exposure for their book to some 40,000+ LIVE listeners.

Because the demand for exposure and guest appearances is growing, Ozuna Publications will launch a second show, a spinoff dedicated entirely to independent publishing: The Independent Author . This show will stream via the Blog Talk Radio Network and will feature articles written exclusively by indie authors, about indie publishing, marketing and book promotion.

We will discuss the aspects of the article with each week’s guest, offering them an archived recording to help build their credibility as they work to create success with their careers.

This week Bobby Ozuna will feature marketing guru and literary expert,  John Kremer, author of “1001 Ways to Market Your Books.”For information or to book your author interview, have your book plugged LIVE on the air or gather details about corporate sponsorship, you can query Bobby Ozuna here.

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