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My iPhone Makes My Hand Ache

I worry about the future of my hand, as I typically hold my iPhone with the same hand all the time. While holding, I can keep the phone a foot away from the rest of my body, but my hand is exposed to radio and WiFi signals the entire time. And I feel it. If you’ve ever worn out the cartilage in your knee or ankle, you’ll now what I’m saying.

Sometimes I feel the movement of the bones is more pronounced, as though the soft cushion between them is wearing thin. I haven’t had any scans yet to confirm, because that would simply be exposing my hand to more signals. But eventually I will, and I’ll report back to you what I find. I anticipate some noticeable difference between the right hand and the left, because I always hold the phone in my right hand.

We have various signal measuring meters here, purchased for the sole purpose of measuring prospective houses or lots we might buy when looking. I know my wife will measure and write a post on the benefits of various WiFi blocking smartphone cases soon. I’ll let you know and link to the article when it arrives.

For now, I try to switch it up and use my left hand some of the time. And when I really feel fatigue or wear in my hand, I keep the phone on a table or seat beside me and only touch to operate the touchscreen.

As always, if you’re wondering what we do to protect ourselves from WiFi, radio, and dirty electricity EMFs, check out our current family plan here.

Photo by Dennis Cortés

By Daniel Dessinger

Daniel founded CultureFeast in 2005, co-founded Mommypotamus in 2009, and writes frequently about self-awareness.

One reply on “My iPhone Makes My Hand Ache”

Hi Daniel. Unfortunately you can not protect yourself from a WiFi emitting device. The only way to improve the safety of your home from Wifi / EMR etc, is a process, and it is an actual process: Remove, Reduce, Isolate.
1. Remove as many WiFi emitting devices as possible – That means EVERY THING that is literally Life Essential.
2. Reduce WiFi usage as much as possible. This includes Mobile, Remote controls, Smart Metres, Cordless Telephones etc. – not has hard as you think.
3. Isolate devices, and yourself, from WiFi.
But by the sounds of it you already know most/all of this.

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