Patrick Dempsey in Made of Honor

Movie Review: Made of Honor

Writing movie reviews has made me realize that almost every movie I see is in some way a chick flick.  Sure there are the outliers like There Will Be Blood or Michael Clayton that I really enjoy, but by and large, it’s a pretty safe bet that I’m going to blog about something girly.  And this one’s no different.

I did actually plan to NOT see Made of Honor.  I do enjoy Patrick Dempsey’s role as Dr. Derek Shepherd, the sexy neurosurgeon who more than lives up to his McDreamy moniker on Grey’s Anatomy, but something about the little trailers that I saw for Made of Honor on my MySpace homepage just rubbed me the wrong way. 

Then one day I went to Yahoo, and I saw a blurb that said that Made of Honor had more going for it than TV’s sexiest doctor, and I got sucked in.  I just couldn’t help it.  I had resisted fate as long as I could.

Unlike Definitely, Maybe, this is one I see myself buying.  As always, I got far too wrapped up in the storyline, and despite the similarities to My Best Friend’s Wedding, this one’s actually pretty original.  Patrick Dempsey plays Tom, the bed-hopping playboy, who accidentally hops into Hannah’s (Michelle Monaghan) bed on Halloween night in 1998.  She chastises him about his promiscuity, and he proves her right by trying to sleep with her.

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Fast forward 10 years.  Tom’s still sleeping around, and Hannah’s still chastising him.  Just not as sharply, considering they’re best friends.  No matter whom Tom’s spent the night with on Saturday night, he always spends Sundays with Hannah, until Hannah goes to Scotland for six weeks for work.  

To compensate for Hannah’s absence, Tom takes some of his playmates with him to his and Hannah’s favorite spots on the next few Sundays.  He soon discovers that none of these women have what Hannah has, and he desperately misses the connection that he and Hannah have.  He even admits that there may be more to life than sleeping around.  

So Tom decides he’ll tell Hannah how he feels about her when she gets back from Scotland.  What he hadn’t bargained on was Hannah coming back from Scotland with a fiancé, who just happens to be royalty.  And to top it all off, because she and Tom are best friends, she asks Tom to be her maid of honor, hence the name of the film.  Tom agrees and spends his time as maid of honor trying to show Hannah what a big mistake she’s making.

The wedding takes place in Scotland, and the scenes of the Scottish country side are absolutely picturesque.  The film is blessed with some pretty great scenes.  One of the more memorable ones for me was between Tom and Hannah in the castle. 

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They’re separated by the door to her boudoir, and they’re both leaning their foreheads against the door, and it’s almost as if a million miles separates them, not just a wooden door.  But at the same time, in some ways it’s as if they’re leaning against each other’s foreheads.  So close, yet so far away.

The supporting cast is full of unknowns.  I did recognize Kadeem Hardison from Renaissance Man, when he was MUCH younger, as one of Tom’s friends, and Hannah’s jealous cousin looked familiar, but I couldn’t really place her.  So Sydney Pollack’s turn as Tom’s philandering father was very refreshing. 

I especially enjoyed the part about the prenuptial agreement, and there’s one scene between him and Tom in which we find that the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

This is definitely one I recommend for a girl’s night or a lazy Sunday morning or afternoon.  It might even spur you to plan a Scottish getaway of your own.



  1. I’d agree with your review whole heartedly if I hadn’t fallen asleep about 15 minutes into it. But I can still say….I went to see this movie. :)

  2. aaaaaw…you’re right…at least you went to see it…and my whole hearted apologies for misspelling they’re with their not once but twice…yikes :(

  3. Ashleigh, yeah! isn’t somebody editing these? oh… wait…


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