More Diet Soda, Please

In the battle of the bulge one of the greatest weapons that we have is the diet drink.  You see, in the past if you wanted a sweet refreshing drink you had to have sugar.  Thanks to modern science, with its unnatural and inorganic ways, this is not the case. 

You can enjoy a sweet refreshing drink with little or no calories.  The same great taste with no sacrifice. It truly is the ability to have your cake and eat it too. 

The diet soda is a breakthrough in ways few problems have the ability to be solved.  Imagine if you will that it was possible to have more government spending and yet pay less in taxes.  Think of the possibilities, more programs for you and me, but not taking away our hard earned money, fantastic. 

This is the gift that diet soda has given humanity.  And yet, while the diet soda really is genius in a bottle, it sometimes is not used the way our mad scientist would have intended.  You see, while drinking a regular pop might cost you three hundred unneeded calories, and removing those calories can help you lose weight. 

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Feeling like you have carte blanche to eat anything you want just because you are drinking a diet soda really is not going to help.
I tend to approach my weight issues the same way I do global warming.  Sure it is terrible, but what can I do about it?  I feel like one of those “real men of genius” in a Budweiser commercial, if there was such a commercial, it would sound something like this:
“Bud light presents, real men of genius.”
“Real men of genius!”
“Today we salute you, Mr. Diet Soda Drinker Guy.”
“Mr. Diet Soda Drinker Guy!”
“You can eat a triple bacon cheese burger, large fries, onion rings and an Oreo pie but insist on drinking a diet soda to wash it down.”
“I can hear myself getting fatter!”
“No tofu, soy products or veggie burgers for you, if it did not have a mama, you’re not going to eat it.   So crack open an ice cold Bud Light oh battle of bulge warrior, your wasteline may not get any thinner, but at least you can say that you tried.”

“Mr. Diet Soda Drinker Guy!”

By Michael Callaway

Michael lives in the Dallas area. He works for a financial institution and has authored a Christian fiction novel. Michael loves to talk politics and political history.

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Not sure where you’re being sarcastic here. You mention “unnatural and inorganic” but then say “the same great taste with no sacrifice.”

Again, not sure where your sarcasm is exactly, but I, of course, have to go on record saying toxic artificial sweetners have a most definite toll on the human body.

There is an American mindset that believes that even though a substance may not be “healthy”, it’s not really dangerous unless it causes cancer or one of a dozen other feared maladies.

That same mindset completely misses the point that mental state of well-being, focus, the ability to feel good about one’s self and one’s life, joint pain, bone brittleness, chronic re-injury, and many other physical, emotional, and mental ailments stem from toxicity in the body. What bothers me most about this American mindset is the actual preference of outward physical appearance to inward sense of well-being and long life.

I will respond to the rest a little later, but I’m in no way a fruitarian, i.e. one of those people who thinks we should only eat what has fallen from the vine or tree. Letting plants grow wild is not a defining characteristic of organic or “wholistic.” It is simply wild.

Using an ox to plow the ground doesn’t alter the genetic or chemical composition of the food you eat. It does not go from being corn to like-corn.

The argument you’ve laid forth is not one that can be much argued against. In essence, you have stated that you don’t care about what toxins and pesticides and artificially created chemicals do to your body. I can’t argue with that.

I was arguing from the standpoint of organic products being superior because they are unaltered chemically/genetically and are the healthiest option going. You’re not debating that. You’re saying, “Give me cheaper, better tasting, fewer calories.”

Done. It’s all yours. But what you save at the store over the years you may well make up for at the hospital in the years to come. Just a friendly warning.

You may contest that statement, so let me tell you that I obviously can’t give you any medical studies to support that statement at this moment. But I will point to the organic / wholistic people I know in their 60s and 70s. They are thin. They are much more mobile than most people their age. They have more energy, fewer injuries, no instances of diabetes. They are people who “do.”

It’s the same mindset that causes some to smoke cigarettes to stay thin. I gained 35 pounds after I quit smoking a pack a day. Did I suddenly become less healthy because I gained weight? Hardly.

Want to know whether a food product is healthy? Ask yourself this simple question: did it grow biologically, uninterrupted by artificial (man-made) chemicals? If not, the product has chemicals that will harm you on some level.

Obviously I’m ranting here, but the point needs to be drilled home until some of us get the picture.

To Daniel’s question, yes and no, of course a lot of it is sarcastic, I do not have the fear of chemicals that you have. I see some of the modern science as good for overall food production. Like all things, moderation is key.

For me, I hate the diet soda because I am guilty of doing all the bad stuff, drinking a diet soda and thinking I am doing a good thing. No I am not. To me it is more making fun of the person (myself) who says that they are trying when in reality they are not. The only difference is I am self aware enough to know I am a fraud, many just whine.

I can’t help it…I just love those commercials, and that one was great, Michael. I think you should submit it to Budweiser and see what they say :)

Diet soda…a blessing and a curse. Yes, we save ourselves the calorie count, but at what costs?

To Ashleigh’s point, I tried to submitt it Budweiser, they do not accept unsolicated suggestions.

I don’t fear chemicals. I do have a decent understanding of optimal performance. The human body and mind will perform at its best when one eliminates substances that interrupt ideal function.

It’s a purely logical equation, like a mathematical certainty. The body is entirely biological. It was created naturally. It functions naturally. It derives sustenance naturally. It is programmed to function optimally.

You could pour a little sugar in your gas tank and your car might still run. You could argue that fuel from RaceTrack won’t do permanent damage to your car, even though the chemical composition causes the fuel and engine to burn much hotter. In truth, whether the driver wants to accept it or not, he WILL need to replace parts sooner if he uses Racetrack gasoline on a consistent basis.

The argument for moderation is only logical if one agrees to accept a modicum of risk for introducing unnatural substances into their body. If one assumes that moderate use of unnatural substances has no harmful consequence, he or she is deceived. For every action there is an opposite and equal reaction. For every choice, there is a consequence. An unobservant person might not notice the consequences, and therefore interpret the consequences as nonexistent. But that is merely an issue of perspective and awareness, not of reality or truth.

I like debate, as you can tell, and am willing to debate most things without feeling the need to get personal, so you can fire away if you’d like. It’s good exercise for the mind!

Here are my thoughts on the issue, they are not based on facts or anything like that and chances are I am wrong. I guess there are one of two choices, either you are right and I am naive or I am right and you are paranoid. =)

Just because something is natural does not mean it is going taste better or be healthy, it just means it is natural. Anthrax and uranium are all natural but I do not think that you want serve that to your family.

When I see packaging that says “All Natural” or its evil twins, “Whole” and “Organic” next to something I know one thing, they are charging me more money for it. Give me the unnatural, the not whole, the inorganic, the processed and the jacked up on all kinds chemicals that science can create. If adding horse DNA to cattle is going to make my steak taste better then I want DNA altered cattle. If pesticides lower the harmful bugs that destroy my food I want my vegetables swimming in them. Like they say in race car driving, if you are not cheating, you are not trying.

What is the big deal about chemicals and hormones anyway? Just in case anyone is wondering, the Black Death that raged all through out Europe during the Middle Ages all happened on genetically unaltered and no chemicals watch. Maybe a little DDT would have stopped the flies that carried the bubonic plague and could have saved lives. It is possible, during the period of global cooling that happened during that time that genetically altered wheat would have survived better then all natural wimpy wheat did and could have stopped mass starvation.

Sure it scares me that when I leave out my artificial sweetener all day and all night that there are no ants that get into it. It is possible that someday I could have some strange growth on some part of my body that I did not expect. Am I going to give up my artificial sweetener? No! Why? Because it taste like sugar and has no calories and I can not get that with all natural.

Maybe some day a rogue scientist is going to create some Frankenstein monster by altering the DNA of corn or chickens but that is the risk we are just going to have to take. I am sure to cave men the natural way to gather food was to roam around and find it where ever it grew. It would have seemed strange and unnatural to use an ox to break up the ground and plant all the seed in one place, wheat does not grow in straight rows. That is not natural, that is not whole, that is not organic, should not food be unaltered by human activity?

Oh you are right, don’t get me wrong. The reason I can not debate such an issue is I am on the wrong side. If asked which position is better I am going to say yours. I think the rise of child obesity and food allergies and allergies over all can be tied to what we are doing to ourself.

Even the devil needs an advocate now and then.

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