More Award Contests for Independent Authors and Publishers

In my article dated January 24th, 2008 (Major Contest Recognition for the Independently Published Author) I referenced eight novel contests specifically targeted and geared towards the self-published author. And in order for me to maintain an effective weekly column of introducing tips, tricks, and updates for all my readers, it is imperative that I continue to stay on top of previous posts to ensure the data stays current.

So, I have a few new additions to add this week in continuing with that previous list to help you stay up-to-date with the latest opportunities to publicize and promote your recent project.

Remember, in order for an independently published author to make their mark in the vast hoard of literary potentials, it is critical that we work to promote our work in any fashion possible and contest are a major way of getting your work “out there” and read by people that 1) Don’t know you and 2) Have the means of making your work more readily available to a large audience.

Winners and runners-up in most major book contest are publicized in a multitude of fashions including national media exposure. If you wish to set your work apart from other self-published authors, one way of accomplishing that goal is to have your book labeled and stamped with a notification of excellence or better yet—Winner of the Beach Book Festival!

The 2008 Beach Book Festival held annually in Atlantic Beach, NJ has officially posted its call-for-entries where they will “spotlight the hottest reads of the upcoming summer season.” One grand-prize winner will earn themselves $1500 dollars in cold-hard cash, a flight to Atlantic City and a publicity campaign from a leading PR firm. There are 15 categories to enter this year and the contest is open to all self-published and independently published authors. The deadline for submission is April 25th, 2008.

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The 2008 Next Generation Indie Book Awards has officially posted their call-for-entries. The contest is open to any print or eBook with a 2007/2008 copyright. There are 70 categories to choose from with trophies, cash, medals and certificates going out to more than 80 authors! The deadline for this contest is March 21st of this year with finalists and winners being notified by May 15th of 2008.

I can assure you Proud Souls will be judged in both these contests including the list I provided earlier in January. I know the contests can be costly over time and if you are like me, sometimes easy to overlook considering the natural urge to doubt ourselves; but, as an independently published author we don’t have the luxury of doubt. Remember, as I cannot say this enough: If we don’t act as though we believe in our work beyond any reason of doubt and with every ounce of our existence, how can we persuade the masses to take a chance on our dreams?

Best of luck to you this year…and remember…I believe…because you believe!

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