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Jane Austen and Zombies? Why Didn’t We Think Of This Sooner?

Okay, I’ll admit it: I don’t like Jane Austen. I know that is some kind of blasphemy. I’m ready for the flaming and requests to hand in my chick card. I just cannot stand to read 90% of her writing. I know that she is considered one of the great writers in history.

I know she was an amazing writer in her time. Her books are well written, but I just cannot get into her stories.I know her novels are considered classics. I know as an author I should aspire to reach her level of achievement…

One would think that being an avid reader and a lover of most of the literary classics, I would all over the Austen books. I honestly do not even sort of like any of them. The characters do nothing to pull me in. I’ve never been a sucker for the love story. Honestly, every time I have tried to read one of her books I have just gotten bored.

Actually, I’m sort of ashamed to admit I have not finished one of them. The movies are even worse. I’d rather watch Titanic (and had I driven myself to the movie theater I would have walked out on it). Every time one of my female friends gushed on and on about them, I threw up in my mouth a little. Somehow I have had a believable excuse to get out of every Pride and Prejudice mini series marathon I have been invited to.

As of today, I have new hope. Today I read something that made my little heart fill with joy. Someone has taken Pride and Prejudice and added zombies. Yes you read that correctly, I said ZOMBIES!! A gentleman named Seth Grahame-Smith has written a lovely update to the old school snoozer. He has aptly named it Pride and Prejudice and Zombies. Basically he has taken the nuts and bolts of Austen’s original story and added everyone’s favorite brain eating, virus infected undead/walking dead/living dead/monsters.

This appeals to me for a few reasons. This is a guy putting a new spin on a chick book classic. This is fun and innovative. Honestly, I wish I would have thought of this first! Next we have the obvious: I’m all about the zombies.

Really, I’m all about sci-fi and horror elements. While I am more partial to vampires, I have a soft spot in my heart for the often neglected zombies. Finally, this might actually be what I need to actually read Pride and Prejudice all the way through.

Now if only they can make this into a movie…

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