Heather Hays on Surviving Suicide

Dallas’ own Heather Hays is more than an attractive news anchor on FOX News. She is a woman who has been through one of the worst tragedies a person can suffer, and she has returned stronger than ever.

Heather Hays graces the cover of the Oct/Nov issue of Southern Vanity Magazine. Referencing her book, Surviving Suicide: Help to Heal Your Heart, Heather talks about the hardest time of her life – losing her fiance to suicide.

It’s hard to imagine what a person must feel after losing a loved one to suicide. Heather describes those feelings, and admits to some that you wouldn’t expect. Embarrassment, for one. The thought that her fiance was so desperately depressed that he would consider taking his own life, and that she never had the slightest clue.

Ten years later, Heather Hays is getting married. At least some of the wounds have healed, and she has a man in her life now who makes her happy. Life is blossoming into something wonderful for her, and we wish her all the best.

It is refreshing to read or hear about a celebrity who is down to earth enough to admit to experiencing real trauma and tragedy, especially when that someone offers so much positivity and hope for others with similar circumstances.

I have a newfound respect for Ms. Hays. She has self-published a book because she needed to write and to heal. It’s titled, Surviving Suicide: Help To Heal Your Heart – Life Stories From Those Left Behind. Ms. Hays insists that there are examples of hope everywhere, if you just know where to look.

She has since moved on, because she chose to allow real pain and shame and anger rather than to ignore or suppress the intensely emotional memories.

By Daniel Dessinger

Daniel founded CultureFeast in 2005, co-founded Mommypotamus in 2009, and writes frequently about self-awareness.

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