Going Green AGAIN: It’s Time to Act

Last year I wrote about how it’s not easy being green and, while it was an inspired piece of writing, as most of my blogs are, this year I am going to approach the whole “Green is Universal” week on NBC differently then I did last year.  While last year I sounded more like a cynic, this year I may sound more like an alarmist.

Now, I still question the notion that global warming is man made and I still doubt that earth is in as much peril as some have made it out to be.  I am however concerned about the intelligent use of energy and the effect that using such a heavy amount of carbon based energy does to our environment.

Every President since Richard Nixon has talked about lowering our reliance on foreign oil and every President since Richard Nixon has done nothing about it.  When gas was at $4 a gallon there was a strong, very clear and present danger to us staying where we were.  Now that gas has gone down to less then $2 and falling, my fear is that we will do nothing and four or eight years from now the previous trend will continue.

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There is a definition of insanity that says that if you keep doing the same thing in the same way and expect a different outcome, then you are insane.  When it comes to energy policy, we in the United States are insane.

We continue to build cities that do not make sense. We continue to use the same fuel technology for our automobiles when there are viable alternatives. And we continue to find ways to blame the oil industry while doing nothing about our demand for their product.

Do not be fooled, the current cheap gas prices we enjoy are the result of a world wide economic slow down.  When the economy picks up in a year or two from now, maybe longer, we will be right where we were blaming Exxon and believing any conspiracy that sounds good.

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The time to act is now, we need to move toward clean, renewable energy, regardless if the planet is in peril because of human activity.  While I do not agree with the rationale of the global warming crowd, I do agree with their call of arms because while global warming may be in doubt, pollution and energy needs are not.


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  1. Last year on earth day I was walking out of Whole Foods when an employee handed me a free book about going green. I was pregnant at the time and I shopped at Whole Foods because I cared about my health and the health of my baby. Now that she’s been born I realize that I have to care about the whole dang world. We can’t just pollute streams and contaminate soil with pesticides without it affecting every mouthful our children eat or every breath they take. The book they gave me was Living Green by Greg Horn. If you want to make a HUGE difference in the health of your family and your planet without spending a lot of extra money or time I suggest you read this book.


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