Give Obama a Chance on Thursday

Culture Feast has several opinion articles written about this year’s highly-anticipated election year. We’ve seen articles that bash McCain and we’ve seen articles that bash Obama. To me, it seems there are definitely more anti-Obama articles on the internet, but then again I’ll freely admit I have bias.

Supporting my opinion is the fact that Barack Obama’s camp had to literally create a website to dispel all the rumors and misinformation that has been plaguing him since he stepped into the political race.

With that said, I feel compelled to write on behalf of the Senator who is officially nominated for the Democratic party for the President of the United States. I was speaking with a few family members, all die-hard conservatives, about Barack Obama. It became so clear to me that this election seems different than any other election I’ve witnessed in my 31 years of age.

Every election has had heated debates and has been filled with attacks, mostly all of them biased and inaccurate. But I think I can fairly debate that Obama seems to have more inaccurate and “urban legend-like” emails about him, his family and his performance than any other candidate that has run for President.

We’ve all thought of it before, I’m sure. Barack is the first African-American Presidential candidate. His name alone is “different” than the typical American name of Joe, Ted, George or Bill. The fact that his father isn’t American and is a believer of Islam also is unique to Obama than any other candidate in history. All of these point, in my opinion, create a huge opportunity for misinformation, fear, inaccuracies and down right prejudice.

So, with that said, you should know by now that Barack Obama will speak tomorrow night (Thursday, August 28th) at Denver’s Democratic National Convention. Reports say he will outline his agenda on all the major issues and this will be the time where Obama has the country’s stage to describe himself and to explain his beliefs and values.

For all of us who are intelligent, loving and believe in the United States, shouldn’t we all agree to give Obama the chance to explain himself on Thursday? Is it truly responsible of all of us to have our minds made up before he has the podium? I think not.

Come Friday morning, you still feel the same about Obama (against) then I will salute you, my friend. You have a right to your opinion and your beliefs. We all do. But we also have the responsibility to be educated on each candidate’s stances. We must hold their votes and their OWN WORDS as their creed and nothing else, particularly an email or a website that inaccurately describes the candidate.

God Bless America and God Bless these two candidates. May the RIGHT man win.

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Nice post, but you, too have errors in your facts.

Barack Obama is not the the first African-American Presidential candidate. That would be Frederick Douglass back in 1838. He is the first African-American Presidential candidate from a major party.

Also, his father is deceased, and therefore should be referred to in the past tense.

There are two points that you are spot on about, Barack Obama has had to deal with more urban legends then anyone and there are people out there who are afraid of him because he is different and that is a shame.

The one issue that bothers me is I feel like the major news media have been way too soft on him. I felt like the SNL skit of the debate on CNN with Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton really did sum it up. In my opinion Campbell Brown has no creditability when she is talking about politics anymore because it is clear that she is completely taken by Obama.

Let’s see, not only Campbell Brown, but Chris Matthews (who said Obama sent thrill up his leg) and Keith Olbermann who after Michele gave her speech was fawning all over her, even admitting, “I sound borderline sycophantic.” (No, Keith, you passed that line a long time ago.)

Good post, Jeff. More people should keep an open mind and vote for what they want government to do (or not do).

I did not even mention Chris or Keith because they are so political that I think of them as commentators, not news people. Campbell Brown is supposed to be a news person and is not. The Obama team probably needs to get a restraining order against Keith Olbermann because I could see him like the character in “Misery” standing over a wounded Obama saying, “I am your number one fan”.

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