Friends Support Their Rockstar Friends, But Don’t You Dare Call Us Groupies

Some of my best friends are rock stars. I love being able to say that, so much in fact, I’ll say it again. Some of my best friends are rock stars. Now, I use the term “rock star” to define someone who is in a band, which has not yet had national success, but has the potential to at some point in the very near future.

These are guys who travel in a van or RV from to town to town playing for anyone who will listen; they don’t have “real” jobs, and spend most of their time on the road away from their family and friends. 

Now as part of my friend duties, I do what any good friend would and I support my friends. It doesn’t hurt that supporting my friends equates to going to a show, where I get to hear the music I love, drink and hang out with my friends, which after all is not a bad way to spend a night.

However, when I talk about my friends or if someone asks what I did the previous weekend, I have heard the “G” word and that’s where we have a problem. That’s right, they call me a groupie.

I shudder at the “G” word. I am offended by the word and it is not to be used in a sentence associated with my name unless the phrase “is not a” comes before it. I am friends with guys who happen to be musicians and that, my friend, does not a groupie make. Actually I don’t know if true groupies even exist anymore, well except for those girls on Rock of Love. Merriam-Webster actually defines the word groupie as:

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1. A fan of a rock group who usually follows the group around on concert tours
2. An admirer of a celebrity who attends as many of his or her public appearances as possible
3. enthusiast, aficionado <a political groupie> <golf groupies>

Technically I am a fan of bands, and yes I do go to shows in the area but 9 times out of 10 I’m also friends with the band so it’s less about stalking some famous person and more about spending time with friends. When you are staying at the bass player’s house with 4 other people after a show and he’s making breakfast the next day for everyone, you are a friend first and fan second.

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Now I’m not friends with every band I go see and I still get really excited to see certain bands, much like I did seeing New Kids on the Block when I was 10 yrs. old, but that just because I’m a music junkie and an all around giant dork. I simply get offended by the term groupie because of the connotation; I’m not flashing the security guy so I can get backstage and perform sex acts on coked-out hair bands. We are not in Almost Famous, and I am NOT a groupie.

I love music; I always have and always will. It may be the music that brings me to a show, but it’s the friendships I’ve made and the people I’ve met that will make me change my plans or go out of my way to go see my friends. I’m not a groupie, I’m just lucky.


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