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Feasting Imagery Is Our New Theme, Aaaand Also Our Old Theme

When I launched this website in the Fall of 2005, I thought I was preparing the way for an online bookstore. I’d acquired hundreds of books and was entering their data into a database for the purpose of selling online. The feast was originally a feast of knowledge, as made apparent by my bookstore’s selection of great works.

Imagine a bookstore brimming with Baudelaire and Camus, Hess and Goethe, Hemingway and Eliot, Herodotus and Eusebius, Hawthorne and Whitman, Fukuoka and Shephard.

Then the site transitioned into a culture blog, and the “feast” represented a savory sampling of pop culture topics and trending ideas.

Then the site died. Literally died. Poof! It was gone and nowhere to be found. For years.

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Then it was reborn. And the Feast is now a vision. It’s a prophecy. It’s a bold prediction of a future we wish to see.

Success happens when preparation meets opportunity. One of the greatest sayings of all time. There is a feast being prepared for those who love the Lord, who trust in Him, and who are called according to His purposes.

There is a feast, and it is coming. And I want you to be a part of it with me.


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