I find such intricacy and beauty in the design of each cell, flower, blade of grass, insect, fish, and person. The word “design” is loaded with implications which inevitably lead us to the concept of a designer. Design has function. Function has purpose. And purpose is determined by the maker.

When I use the word “designer”, you may feel triggered. Suddenly your mind connects dozens to thousands of experiences, the sum of which connect in your mind to the word “designer’ in the context of nature and some person pushing their biblical doctrine on Creation.

It’s okay to click away. I find more and more that it’s okay. Whatever I share in these posts about design, function, and purpose will surely draw upon some form of Creationism. Not because I heard a preacher talk about it every Sunday or because my parents reinforced the idea at a hundred family dinners. But because my logic cannot escape the obvious logical conclusion that design has a designer, and that accidents do not “create” structure, order, or symmetry. It simply doesn’t happen.

Symmetry, structure, and order are intentional. And a concept cannot be intentional without an intention. And an intention cannot exist without a mind/conscious thought.

So if I want to talk about design, I feel compelled to acknowledge that design has a designer. And even if I cannot comprehend this designer, I cannot deny his/her/its existence merely because it triggers my religion-based trauma.

In other words, I’ve found that, much to my chagrin, what is real is real whether I want it to be real or not. The police car lying in wait around the corner is there whether I am aware of its presence or not. The ex-girlfriend has found love and gotten married whether I knew it was happening or not. Some team wins the World Series every year whether I am aware of it or not. Trillions of things happen each moment regardless of my awareness. Reality simply does not depend on my awareness or permission to “be”.

If you are willing to set aside your objections to the idea of a designer, we might just have a worthwhile conversation before we’re done here. I hope that’s true.

Talk soon.