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Defending Western Civilization Against “Equality Before the Law” Fetishism

I’m tired of hearing liberals defend the most abominable cultural institutions in the name of their “respect” for the “equality before the law.” That covers the presumed equality of all cultures, all social, ethnic and religious practices.

Their definition of democracy is respecting the “equality” of all social practices “before the law” – no matter what! For them this principle is elevated to the level of an untouchable fetish.

But can you name me ONE country which is not ruled according to laws? Why, even Saudi Arabia, North Korea, and “Democratic Republic of Congo” have “rule of law”, don’t they? So the KIND of law we’re talking about makes all the difference in the world, doesn’t it? Liberals don’t get that very simple point.

My point is this – an abstract respect for the “equality before the law” does not make any sense without looking at the outer framework of values, the “civilization” within which those laws are created, interpreted, and implemented.

That’s why chopping off the hands of a thief or the public-stoning to death of a woman who cheats on her husband are perfectly “legal” in Saudi Arabia but we in the West think they are horrendous acts of barbarism. Are we going to “respect” that just because it’s a Saudi law and pretend that there’s no difference whatsoever between medieval and modern law enforcement? Where do we stand on the historic evolution of human values? 7th or 21st century?

The blind liberal trumpeting of such “respect” for the equal treatment of all cultural traditions leads to supreme acts of folly like Archbishop of Canterbury Dr. Rowan Williams defending the implementation of the Islamic Shariat law in those parts of England populated by fundamentalist Muslims.

Yes, we need to respect the laws and treat all equal but only if we’re first sharing the same civilization, the same general values about how we should lead our lives. Otherwise we end up CONDONING “honor killings,” polygamy, subjugation of women and children, “female circumcision”, gender inequality, and other inhumane values defended by other ethnic or national cultures.

Such guilt-ridden democracies start to molest their own enlightened values (equality, individual freedoms, etc.) while celebrating the very same collapse as a vindication and triumph of liberalism. A pity, a shame, and an evolutionary crime!

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