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Comic Book Fans Unite! The Watchmen Movie Coming Soon!

I knew what I was getting into before I married my husband. The piled up boxes of comic books in his room in college were my first clue.

Right now there are about nine cardboard comic book crates in a closet in our house. And the thing that has him down right giddy is the fact that “the best comic book of all time” is finally being turned into a movie. On March 6th, The Watchmen comes to the theater.

When we were dating, he told me about the book and said that, while it was dark and full of anti-superheroes, the story telling and art were great. He kept stressing to me that, even though I wasn’t a comic book fan, I would enjoy the story.

We got married and over the years, he’d bring up the Watchmen occasionally, wondering why I hadn’t read it yet. Finally, we went on vacation one year and had to spend many hours in a car. He brought The Watchmen with him so he could read it once again. Since I hadn’t thought to bring any reading material with me, I gave it a shot.

I couldn’t get through it. There is a part where a female superhero gets raped and that’s where I stopped. Call me funny, but I just don’t find that sort of thing entertaining. He told me that he thought that part would bother me, but that if I just kept reading, the story would get better. I don’t like reading stuff that’s so unpleasant.

These people aren’t likeable. I don’t want to spend time with them. To me, a hero doesn’t have to be flawless, it’s better if he isn’t. But I don’t want the protagonist to be an asshole, either.

My husband will most likely go to the theatre by himself to see it. He did go with me to see Sex In The City but that was because I’ve been dragged to all the X-Men movies (I can still recall the excitement emanating from him when we saw the first X-Men movie and he finally got a look at Hugh Jackman as Wolverine-his favorite character).

There was another comic book my husband suggested I read- the Bone Comic books. But after his recommendation of The Watchmen, I was wary of what he considered good. It was my kids, who really enjoy the books, who urged me to read them. And you know what? They’re really good and I’m about to read the last one of the series.

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For the record, Lisa also read the two Maus graphic novels, which won the Pulitzer. She seemed to enjoy them, even though the subject matter is much grimmer than Watchmen. It is a first person tale of the Holocaust.

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