Caylee and Casey Anthony Open Thread

Being a big fan of shows like Nancy Grace and Greta Van Susteren, I can’t help but get sucked into the circus that is this tragic case. Wearing my logical hat, I really get sick to my stomach when I think about the whole thing.

These are the facts. Keep in mind, the only thing that Casey Anthony has been charged with is child endangerment and providing police with false information.

Casey Anthony says she dropped off the toddler Caylee 3 with a “fictional baby sitter” “Zeinada” on June 9th. She wasn’t reported missing until July 15th by the grandparents. So investigators are already a month behind on the whereabouts of the little girl.

Usually, in missing children cases, hope diminishes after 48 hours. Things got really bizarre after the initial phone calls. Casey Anthony 22 was arrested July 15th.

Casey Anthony’s car was found abandoned in a parking lot (which her mother found and called 911 and said that it smells like a dead body) cadaver dogs were alerted to the smell of decomposition (when investigators were asked if the dogs could make a mistake…they adamantly say no) and then investigators took samples of hair, a stain and dirt this forensic evidence is processing and is pending.

Casey Anthony’s parents insist that the smell was coming from old pizza left in the car that had been sitting for 22 days…and Casey’s family George, Cindy and brother Lee are standing behind her story that the little girl was abducted which at this point seems unlikely and absurd that they would be so naïve and stand behind there daughter/sister who is obviously self absorbed and neurotic when something tragic and terrible happened to an innocent little girl no matter what condition they find her in ( dead or alive).

Cadaver dogs also alerted to 2 spots in the grand parents back yard near Caylees play house. It is also a fact that Casey borrowed a shovel from one of her parent’s neighbor during the distorted time line and her parents also reported gas cans stolen from there shed and I believe that were also later found in Casey’s car.

Along with the above evidence which is somewhat circumstantial at this point. They have also tracked the cell phone pings in which puts Casey in some isolated areas but doesn’t really prove any thing and doesn’t seem to help the time line.

What bothers me the most about this whole thing is the 22 year old mother’s persona and attitude. This girl definitely has some screws loose, aside from being caught in multiple, ridiculous lies. There is the pictures that show Casey out partying in night clubs prancing around like a frat girl drinking and dancing all the pictures she has a smile ear to ear…hey I am not against girls having fun but damn you haven’t seen your daughter in weeks …so its time to party???

Then there is when she gets arrested she has her visitations with her family when she doesn’t realize that she is being video taped she is only concerned about her self …its me me me she is cussing at her family and really showing no concern about her daughter and how the case is going.

I am a father (keep in mind I actually considered the kid lo-jack implants for my kids), and let me tell you, no reasonable or normal parent or person is going to act the way Casey acted when there child goes missing. For me personally I would find it hard to crack a smile…much less go out and shake my ass and drink. I would immediately call law enforcement.

Take a look at the Elizabeth Smart case and how her parents handled the case with her daughter being kidnapped that was normal it was sincere and you could honestly tell that they were not involved as bizarre as the case was.
With Casey Anthony I am almost certain something sinister has happened and she was the cause of it.

Now that she has spent 30 days in jail while her sensationalist lawyer dances around legitimate questions on the news shows she now has a sensationalist bail bonds moron Leonard Padilla who has successfully bailed her out of jail.

Let me tell you I don’t think this girls going to get any kind of fair trial (not that I care) with the morons she has in her camp and her off the wall mother…these people need a PR person and even that wont fix the damage.

The investigators haven’t charged her with murder because they don’t have enough tangible forensic evidence yet and they would have a mostly circumstantial case and the defense would ask for a speedy trial…which would probably not be good because if new evidence came up and she was acquitted from the first trial it would be double jeopardy and they couldn’t prosecute her.

So what do you think happened? Was it a tragic accident that Casey and her family are trying to cover up? Was it something malicious and psychotic on Casey’s part? Did Casey Anthony sell her child? Is Casey just guilty of being a horrible parent and her child was abducted?

I have a feeling it was a tragic accident she is trying to cover up.

What do you think?

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she sold the child ,her lawyer knows about it.didt want it because of her lifestyle,Sociopath’s canj justify anything it’s all about them.I was married to one.

Ugh…this case just makes me sick…yeah this is why I had to stop watching shows like Nancy Grace. I’m not sure what happned, but I do know something very bad probably happened to that little girl and we may never know the truth.

This is such a heartbreaking story. I have been following this from day one. I’m certain Casey did something to that baby and she and her family are covering it up. No mother, not even a bad one, would be in bars dancing around and laughing…let alone all the lying and not calling police for a month. I don’t think it was an accident because she packed her backpack like any other day and told her dad she was going to work (at a non-existent job). I believe this was premeditated and very well executed. I can’t believe it but after so long of a period, Casey may get away with murder in 2008 America! God is judge; God is jury…No one can hide the truth!

Caylee’s dead. It’s sad but without a doubt true. It was probably some sort of accident. This is born out by the desperate flurry of unanswered phone calls from Casey’s cell phone two days in June. Shows panic. Casey is one cold person. If she had planned on killing Caylee she would not have started frantically attempting to call her mother, etc.
Cadaver dogs hit on the car and her parent’s yard. Caylees is dead. The only question left is where her body is now.

Well, guess what? The Body Farm of U/T has just concluded tests and there was a decomposing body in the trunk of Casey’s car. I wish Casey would reveal to Grandparents the location of the body (as I feel the child is deceased). Then maybe there could be some kind of closure. Plea bargain? I see it coming.

Whatever happened, I think we can all agree that Casey is pretty messed up. I had to tune this case out because of the absurdity that there is not enough evidence to convict. This woman does not seem that bright. I pray for Caylee that the truth is revealed and the guilty will be brought to justice. Rest in peace little one.

If it were as you say “just an accident” why didn’t Casey just call 911 and report it? She (Casey) murdered that little girl so she could be free!!


You are probably right. A lot has happened since I posted this. Especially with the new forensic evidence. This woman seems like a good candidate for the sociopath of the year award. Before this new evidence there was a lot of talk about the cell phone calls and on one certain day they seemed to be frantic and repeated to her family …thats where I got my theory about accident. That seems desperate…a selfish idiot that she is probably more concerned about her self and not getting in trouble thats why she didn’t call 911 and instead her family out of desperation hoping they could protect her…its ironic she killed the little girl to be free yet she probably wont…I hope she is tortured by that every day she rots in jail to be honest.

WE are all so diminished by the tragic circumstances surrounding this case
I believe whenever a child is born the child welfare officials should ask; ” Do you want to place this child for adoption? If Caylee had been placed for adoption she would be alive today
Unfortunately her controlling Grandmother interefered in this beautiful act of love.

Casey is being sheltered from facing reality by her lawyer, and her parents and others and told not to talk when that is what she should be doing.

I cannot believe this was any accident because she took the tot during a quarrel with her parents overheard by the neighbor, I think she continued her rage on that darling child and she died as a result.

I believe she intended to kill her daughter in order to punish her parents for loving Caylee, her mind is criminal and deviant, she has victimized her entire family for 22 years! She is a common thief too.

After her 7-8 hour visit with the attorney I hope she is given a pregnancy test and if she is pregnant they must move to disbar her enabling lawyer.

no the child was not sold
there would have been money for a sale
the child was killed.

This case exhausts me emotionally. I will never forget Caylee Anthony.

This EVIL person killed that baby NO DOUBT SHE IS fLORIDAS scott pETERSON . sAME FLAT AFFECT. SHE DESERVES THE death penalty

If this was an accident, she would still be very upset.

This is not a person who is reacting to an accident. She is a cold blooded-murdered. It’s obvious where the mental health issues come from. the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

Casey Anthony has no insight. She had to have help. And we all know who that probably was.

Why would this monster have chloroform in her car? Why would someone who had chloroform in their car, also have searches on their computer (laptop) about chloroform? There is only one reasonable explanation, and it wasn’t an innocent one……fess up, you monster!!!!

yes caylee is more than likely dead

this is my take on it…….casey anthony killed her daughter on purpose and use the gas to burn her……..she did not contact anyone regarding her daughter until after she 100% sure got rid of the evidence ie cayless body so that it could never be found….thats why caylee is so calm right now she knows that caylee can not be found……so she will get away scott free…..this all to omuch reminds me of OJ simpson he lied lied lied lied just like casey is lying about everything……….what i dont understand is why cant they force her to take a lie detector test?????? why is america wanting to protect guilty people so much it really makes me sick that so many guilty people get away because out judicial system is so messed up…..

her parents are covering up for casey thats why they want to try sending the police on a wild goose chase……..they feel the longer they can delay the better chance caylees body will not be able to be found sure caylees body is pretty much non existent by now

always remember the sinmple things………people lie for one reason they lie because they are covering something up… guilty

innocent people have no reason to lie

casey changes her story everyday…….now shes not talking because she cant change her story anymore she know law enforcement knows what she did so she is just waiting for trial and then will walk away free……..since she knows they cant find caylees body

She most likely chloroformed that kid to go party. Came back and found her dead and then in a panick decided to cover it up. She drove back to the residence, put the baby’s body in the play house where it wouldn’t be seen while she moved the ladder on the pool to make it look like an accident. Maybe because she was panicked she realized the pool story wouldn’t work, so she went into the shed to get a shovel. It wasn’t there and so she went to the neighbor’s house asking for one. Upon her waiting for the neighbor to give it, her mind was probably racing with the stories she could tell and as she went back to her house she realized burring the baby in her back yard would be something thats too easily discovered. So she returns to the shed where she seen the two cans of gas, put them in her car, drove around to find an isolated area while her friends are ringing her phone. She burns the body and avoids her family like the plague because they will grow curious as to the where abouts of the baby.

She never really does decide what story she will tell, or she never really diposed of the body well enough and so when her parents call the cops she begs for “just one more day” to figure it out. She is pressed so her lies become ridiculous and illogical, she hasn’t bothered to think them through, she was too busy partying and f’ing her boyfriend…

I agree with the article that there is a line between trying to be supportive and just being an idiot. The parents have crossed that line long ago. How any of them can keep themselves from beating her until the truth comes out is just beyond me. Its no wonder why that casey girl is such an insane cow, look at her family!

I looked up some words in the dictionary and here is what I found:

Liar: The Anthony Family

Murderer: Casey Anthony

Sociopath: Casey Anthony

GUILTY: Casey Anthony

Innocent: Caley Anthony…sweet little angel girl :(

PS. Charlotte…you may have hit that entire scenerio right on…

I Have some Visions while looking at this babys face and researching the evidence ,This little girl Died in the back yard I see water for some reason ! Also casey in a panic buried her in back yard then Had a Change of heart and took her placed her in trunk I feel the chloriform found was USED TO KILL THIS LITTLE GIRL I feel she did so thinking it would be the easiest way to get her life to how she wanted this women also is NOT DUMB she pre Planned this theory out. Casey killed caylee putting her in that spot in the back yard where DOGS hit she then Knew that wouldnt work so she placed her in the trunk where she then had stolen Gas cans also to burn her remains SHE BURNT THIS BABY then threw her remains in the wooded area BY ORLANDO AIRPORT . Maybe scattered in water the BURNT REMAINS for sure she is DEAD AND GONE AND WITHOUT A TRACE. She waited so long so that she could have fun before being caught up in the disaperance of her daughter .. SAD BUT TRUE I know that she is passed ,


I believe that there was an accident and that they are trying to cover it up. No normal mother would wait a month before contacting the authorities; or go partying so soon after the incident.

She waited a month to report her daughter missing to authorities – but she didn’t wait a month to report the harassment from protesters!

Also – She doesn’t trust law enforcement to help with Caylee, but she trusted them to help her with protesters.

What? Law Enforcement is not good enough for Caylee, but it’s good enough for you?

Great logic there – oh that’s right. She doesn’t use logic……


Caylee’s death was NO accident! I watch Nancy Grace, and since she became a parent herself, she’s ESPECIALLY angry that anyone could behave like Casey Anthony. Can you blame her?

Casey only cared about sex, drugs and dirty dancing, and she thought her daughter stood in the way, so she killed her!

you people keep saying caylee is dead,her mother sold here until say so the truth will come out .and she will get what is coming to her .god does not like people killing each other.gods loves caylee .if she is dead she is in our heavenly fathers arms safe form bad bad family. if shes alive i pray god will put caylee some where safe from that family. god love us all god will take care of casey in his on time.leave it at that.god sees and knows all.

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