Normal Dallas Heatwave or Global Warming?

It’s really hot outside. We hit 100 degrees yesterday (June 27th) which was our 4th time to hit 100 this summer. Sadly, it’s not even July yet. But one thing we can all agree on, in this time of political debates, technology debates and any other debate… it’s hot outside. […]


Graduating from MySpace to Twitter

I admit that once upon a time, my Myspace account owned me. Back when our only others options were Facebook, Xanga, or Livejournal, Myspace was the place to be. I decorated my profile, posted the million pictures, blogged the contents of my lunch, and yeah, I posted the infamous surveys. […]

man kissing woman's hand on a date

Online Dating: True Love or Worst Enemy?

OK, so to all my single people out there who think they are ready to be in a relationship, what is really going on? Online dating sites say that 80% or more single people find love on their sites. Now, most of us think “Wow! Maybe that percentage includes me!”  


German Scientists Scan Brains to Predict Decision Making

If you thought that the uses of technology couldn’t get any creepier, you would be wrong. With a “donut shaped” MRI machine, German scientists are scanning people’s brains during the process of decision making. The subjects are given a choice between two options: to add or subtract, or to push this button […]

man wering a WordPress tee shirt typing on a computer

Blogs are Security Risks

For anyone out there with even an ounce of conspiracy theory in their blood, the idea of blogging should terrify you. We live in the age of Homeland Security, legal wire tapping, library card monitoring, internet and email monitoring…. you name it, it’s happening.  


Blogs: A New Public Relations Tool

We all know that blogs have taken the internet by storm (if you don’t know what a blog is, skip this article and move on to the one announcing the wheel). Millions of people are posting their thoughts, ideas, dreams, gossip, advertisements, and complaints on the web through personal weblogs. […]