Technology Social Media Platform Received $150 Million to Challenge Social Media Giants

Every week I hear someone talking about leaving Facebook. There’s a growing consensus that the largest social media platforms are unfairly censoring user generated content based on an idealogical or political difference. And while several platforms like Parler have launched prematurely as a reaction to censorship, the world really needs […]

oasys emf shielding device

Day 7 Review of Q-Link Oasys

Seven days ago, I wrote to you about my latest experiment. I installed a Q-Link Oasys in my home and didn’t tell anyone else… just to see if or how it might affect the rest of the family. After seven days of constant Oasys activation, I can tell you that […]

Samsung Blue Earth phone

Samsung Paves the Way for Green Cellphones

It’s official – blue is the new ‘green’. Recently Samsung have been proudly touting their ‘eco-credible’ cellphone, the Samsung Blue Earth. The phone itself has not yet been released, but already it has people talking, and for good reason.  


How Green Is Your Tweet?

I recently read a blog post discussing the environmental impact of using and storing your average email. The blog linked to an interesting article by Harper’s that discusses the levels of energy usage consumed by Google’s storage facilities. It’s something I’d not really considered before, and it got me thinking a lot, especially about […]


Pond Scum to Clean Up Carbon Emissions

A lot of people are merrily jumping on the eco-friendly bandwagon. As reported last week, Bob Lutz wants higher fuel prices to encourage ‘green energy’ solutions. And by promising to significantly cut carbon emissions, President Obama is cleaning up many of the former US administration’s green policies. And now scientists in Kentucky […]


Influential Digg Users Make the Switch to Mixx

Digg is in the process of banning its most influential users, the top 100 Diggers. This 1% of all Digg users account for 30%+ of the site’s traffic and focus. These are the power users who can send a million visits to a site simply by submitting a digg. And […]

Flip Ultra HD video recorder

To HD or Not to HD

On the chance that you’re anything like me, you love how Web 2.0 has transformed the world into instant gratification with video. On almost any blog and website these days, videos are embedded everywhere giving the user a “TV-esque” view into the world of others. YouTube transformed this into making video easy to […]