oasys emf shielding device

Day 1 Review of Q-Link Oasys

Have you ever had people recommend therapies, treatments, or lifestyle changes that sounded so silly you knew you’d never give it a second thought? I know I have. But you know you are desperate when what sounds like quackery is now a valid consideration. When things get so bad that […]

Apple TV device in black and white

Can I Turn Off Apple TV WiFi?

If you ask the question about disabling Apple TV WiFi on the Apple forums, you’ll get blasted by all the rude and disrespectful commenters who think WiFi sensitivity is BS. If you’d like to avoid the hostility and frustration of people telling you that it’s all in your heard, I […]

iPhone in hand

My iPhone Makes My Hand Ache

I worry about the future of my hand, as I typically hold my iPhone with the same hand all the time. While holding, I can keep the phone a foot away from the rest of my body, but my hand is exposed to radio and WiFi signals the entire time. […]

WiFi router hidden behind decorations

Sleep Interrupted. Thanks, WiFi

The one night in months I went to bed before my wife, she leaves the WiFi on all night. I wake up at 3:30am feeling terrible and can’t sleep anymore. I walk out of the room and notice that all the panel switches are on.