Sarah Palin “Shocked” Open Thread

I really don’t consider myself a politically savvy character. Yes, I am an American. Yes, I vote. What party do I support? I prefer to keep people guessing. Here is hint: my favorite Presidents have been Ronald Regan and John F Kennedy.  


2008 Democratic Convention Review

Just in case you do not know, I am a pretty solid Republican, have been my whole life, so I would suggest you take my views on the Democratic Convention with a grain of salt.  As I watched Obama speech I must say that I loved everything he had to […]


Give Obama a Chance on Thursday

Culture Feast has several opinion articles written about this year’s highly-anticipated election year. We’ve seen articles that bash McCain and we’ve seen articles that bash Obama. To me, it seems there are definitely more anti-Obama articles on the internet, but then again I’ll freely admit I have bias.  

American Flag

Fear: The Cause of Lost Freedoms

Homeland Security has the power it has because we are afraid. Terrorists have probably planned dozens of attacks our government has thwarted and not publicized. We know that some suspects are detained longer and “questioned” in ways that standard civil law does not allow, yet we look the other way […]


Take the Test: Are You Liberal or Conservative?

What is conservative?  What is liberal?  I ask this question because these words get thrown around all the time with no real clear understanding of what they mean.  To some people I am viewed as a Liberal.  Me, Mr. Wannabe-Vast-Right-Wing-Conspiracy-Member, a Liberal.  


You Want Some GOP, Yeah You Know Me!

I have said that you will not get positive campaigns until positive campaigns work.  I have just watched the Republican debate in Florida and I must say that I am very impressed with all the candidates.  Everyone answered the questions that were presented to them and did not turn ugly […]