An Atheist, a Buddhist, and a Christian Walk Into a Bar

Listen in on a conversation between three people with very different beliefs… Carter: Religious Liberals and Religious Conservatives both have an apocalyptic narrative. It just differs in the how and why. John: Lets hear it. Carter: Religious Conservative believs man is so sinful and bad, that eventually God will have to judge the […]


America’s Real Treasure

Here is a commencement speech that every American (and every culture vulture, for that matter) should read. In this important speech retired U.S. Justice David Souter defends the U.S. Supreme Court against charges of “activism” and explains why a simple-minded “fair reading of facts” approach to Constitutional law won’t do. He explains (in a manner that even I […]


Boundaries and Identity in the Age of Globalization

Boundaries are a must to preserve identity. Individuals need a boundary. And so do nations, football fans, and lovers. There are 2 ways in which a boundary can be violated: 1) Non-members cross over the boundary and enter the “home domain.” 2) The coordinates of the boundary are changed. Or […]


With a Name like Blagojevich, He Has to be Good

Sure, Rod Blagojevich may have tried to sell Barack Obama’s Senate seat to the highest bidder and I do not doubt that he and his wife are foul mouthed people.  However, despite all of that, I think he should stay on has governor of Illinois and continue to serve the […]


It’s Alive! The GOP is ALIVE!

While the GOP sure looked bad on Nov 4th, there is still hope that the Grand Old Party will not be completely dead in 2009.  With the run off election victory of Saxby Chambliss over Jim Martin in Georgia and the possible victory of Norm Coleman defeating Al Franken in […]

woman holding hand in front of her face

Are You Having a Post-Election Identity Crisis?

It’s more than a little odd: Since the presidential election was decided, the second most popular entrance page to the CultureFeast site has been Michael Callaway’s article, Take the Test: Are you Liberal or Conservative. Written back in April, it’s obviously not a new post, nor has it recently been promoted […]


Bumper Sticker Remorse

I was driving to work one morning and I found myself stuck behind a newer looking Honda Accord with bumper stickers slathered across thebumper, windshield and other parts of the car. This gentleman is very obviously a Democrat, and he has taken quite a bit of time to make his […]