An Atheist, a Buddhist, and a Christian Walk Into a Bar

Listen in on a conversation between three people with very different beliefs…

Carter: Religious Liberals and Religious Conservatives both have an apocalyptic narrative. It just differs in the how and why.

John: Lets hear it.

Carter: Religious Conservative believs man is so sinful and bad, that eventually God will have to judge the earth and destroy everything. The righteous will be whisked up to heaven and the wicked will be tortured forever in hell.

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America’s Real Treasure

Here is a commencement speech that every American (and every culture vulture, for that matter) should read.

In this important speech retired U.S. Justice David Souter defends the U.S. Supreme Court against charges of “activism” and explains why a simple-minded “fair reading of facts” approach to Constitutional law won’t do. He explains (in a manner that even I can understand) why INTERPRETATION of the law is a necessary ingredient of serving the American people since different articles of the Constitution need periodic reviews due to the fact that social values that guide such articles themselves change.

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