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Online Dating Versus Twitter

We’ve all been there – that REALLY lonely stage in life. You just broke up with your significant other, and now what? It’s too early to start serious dating again, but not too soon to mingle. Okay, I admit it: I found myself lost amid the myriad faces of online […]


To Have, To Hold, and To Submit?

One afternoon, when my husband and I were watching my son’s soccer game, a woman I had never met before was eager to share with me something she had just discovered. “I tell you what. I never knew happiness until I learned to submit to my husband.” At first, I […]

man kissing woman's hand on a date

Online Dating: True Love or Worst Enemy?

OK, so to all my single people out there who think they are ready to be in a relationship, what is really going on? Online dating sites say that 80% or more single people find love on their sites. Now, most of us think “Wow! Maybe that percentage includes me!”  


7 Steps to Surviving the TV Writer’s Strike

Who should we hate for the lack of content on tv? Do we blame the writers or the executives? Possibly both, but that doesn’t really matter. What matters is finding a Prime Time replacement for all the shows I usually enjoy. Due to the recent lack of watch-worthy content, I’ve […]


The Encore Azalea: Queen of the Flower Bed

Encore Azaleas are one of my favorite bushes to plant. You can use them in many different ways in landscape concepts and designs they can be used as a colorful back drop or in front of a green back drop of bushes as a different level or as an accent […]