How To Do A Virtual Book Tour

One new concept which has become available to all authors looking for new trendy means for promoting their work is something called the Virtual Book Tour—or VBT for short.  Like the more traditional brick & mortar book signing event, VBTs allow authors an opportunity to connect with readers of their […]

woman holding a container of makeup in her hand

Beware of Mineral Makeup Marketing

Being a girl, the fact that I thoroughly enjoy wearing makeup should not come as a shock. Yes, on the surface it’s a frivolous thing to do, and I’m sure there’s many deep-seated reasons for wearing makeup and feeling the need to “put on my face”.  


FOX Locks Out House Fans for 8 Days

Already very late to the party, FOX continues to prove that they don’t understand customer satisfaction. This time last year, you couldn’t watch all primetime television shows from the FOX website. Only a few were available, and you had to watch them on   


Premium Outlet Mall Coming to South Grand Prairie

NBC’s local Channel 5 News team just announced that a premium outlet shopping mall is headed for south Grand Prairie. Along the Hwy 360 and I-20 corridor, a San Marcos-style outlet mall is planned for the near future. Christmas shopping fanatics like the Wellspring Church women’s group will no longer […]


Good Communicators: When NOT to Speak

Not everyone is a good communicator. That’s fairly obvious. What isn’t so obvious, or at least commonly discussed, is when it’s a good time for even talented communicators to zip the lip. Some of you communicators out there feel entitled to speak at all times, given the fact that when […]