Race to Witch Mountain Speculation

I was pretty excited when I heard they were remaking Escape to Witch Mountain. I loved the original and their sequel. Even though both movies were released before I was born (1975 and 1978 respectively), my parents taped them off of cable (or ABC’s the Wonderful World of Disney on Sunday […]


It’s Hip to be Green

There’s a lot of buzz around the word “green.” So much so that I’ve gotten a little irritated with the whole “it’s hip to be green” phenomenon. One day while shopping with a friend, I climbed up on my soapbox and started ranting about the “Hug me, I recycle” shirts […]


Is There Such a Thing as a Green Dallas?

Dallas has a bad reputation of being a bit behind. Behind in what? Well, you can pretty much fill in the blank there, but progressiveness is the major theme. So what about Dallas and environmental or “green” standards? I’m not saying we’re ahead of the game by any means, but […]

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Top 12 Culture Articles of 2008

On behalf of all CultureFeast contributing writers, Happy New Year! May this be one you never forget, as you leap frog into greater depths of personal growth and wholeness. I won’t speak for you, but 2008 was an interesting year for us. We started off the year with a bang, […]


Facebook Says Public Breastfeeding is Obscene

Facebook bans breastfeeding photos, in case you’ve missed all the hullabaloo lately. Is public breastfeeding really obscene? Facebook seems to think so. At least, posting photos of nursing your child can get you removed from Facebook altogether. reported Monday that Facebook warned user Heather Farley to remove a photo of her breastfeeding her […]


Online Dating Versus Twitter

We’ve all been there – that REALLY lonely stage in life. You just broke up with your significant other, and now what? It’s too early to start serious dating again, but not too soon to mingle. Okay, I admit it: I found myself lost amid the myriad faces of online […]