Culture Social Media Platform Received $150 Million to Challenge Social Media Giants

Every week I hear someone talking about leaving Facebook. There’s a growing consensus that the largest social media platforms are unfairly censoring user generated content based on an idealogical or political difference. And while several platforms like Parler have launched prematurely as a reaction to censorship, the world really needs […]

boy drinking a soda bottle while walking downtown

A Stranger Offered Candy to My Kids

When a stranger does something that’s not PC but not dangerous, do you give them grace to be imperfect? Or do you respond with sharp, disapproving criticism? We all agree that we don’t want strangers offering candy to our children. Whether it’s been tampered with or just a means to […]

Do Over book cover by Jon Acuff

Preserve. Honor. Create.

I’m sitting here on my bed reading the first few inspiring pages of Jon Acuff’s new book, DO OVER. It’s so inspiring, in fact, that I just set it down mid-reading page seven so I could type this out. Some things have to change around here. I’m not just talking about this […]


An Atheist, a Buddhist, and a Christian Walk Into a Bar

Listen in on a conversation between three people with very different beliefs… Carter: Religious Liberals and Religious Conservatives both have an apocalyptic narrative. It just differs in the how and why. John: Lets hear it. Carter: Religious Conservative believs man is so sinful and bad, that eventually God will have to judge the […]