Culture Social Media Platform Received $150 Million to Challenge Social Media Giants

Every week I hear someone talking about leaving Facebook. There’s a growing consensus that the largest social media platforms are unfairly censoring user generated content based on an idealogical or political difference. And while several platforms like Parler have launched prematurely as a reaction to censorship, the world really needs […]

person looking out a window at the rain outside

Loneliness of Learning

I’m at a seaside resort somewhere in the Aegean. I’ve just visited the Temple of Apollo today. Built 2,700 years ago, the temple was surrounded by stone blocks full of inscriptions in classical Greek, which of course I cannot read. I kicked myself why I haven’t devoted the time in […]

Harold Bloom

Growing Up with Harold Bloom

Going through my library this weekend, I came across an old copy of Harold Bloom’s classic, The Western Canon. When it was published, Bloom’s book was (and remains today) controversial among educators and academics for its unshrinking advocacy of intellectual elitism and its defense of Western canonical literature.  That is, the […]


Critics In Love

This blog isn’t wont to dole out dating advice.  Thinking upon my own predicament trying to find romance, however, I realized that there’s something unique and highly peculiar about trying to date a critic.