RIP Newspapers

I started writing when I was 8. From that point until the beginning of my freshman year of college, my goal was to work for a newspaper. For ten years I had big dreams of working my way up the food chain and a big city paper. I wanted to see […]


Dry Cleaning Doesn’t Have to Be Toxic

It’s been years since I’ve taken anything to the dry cleaners. When I realized how toxic dry cleaning chemicals are, I promptly began checking any and every tag of each item of clothing I bought. It was machine or hand wash for me or nothing.  


Esurance Sets the Bar for Eco-Minded Insurance Companies

I remember the first time I saw an Esurance ad on television. The ad didn’t stick out to me because of killer branding or intense concept, though. It stuck out simply because I thought, “Big whoop.” An insurance company branded totally on the fact that you can take care of everything online? […]

work from home

You Try Working from Home

In today’s economy, it isn’t uncommon for people to have multiple jobs. Many people juggle two and three jobs just make ends meet. I am no different, except in that two of my jobs let me work from home. For some reason, people don’t understand that concept.  


$700 Billion Bailout: Pro and Con Open Thread

Okay, it needs to be discussed, but I am far from the economic expert. The House of Representatives will vote today on the revised version of the proposed $700 billion bailout. At best, I can discuss this from a theoretical / logical perspective, and then I’ll leave it up to […]


Bring Your Dog to Work

According to a CNN/Money poll in 2006, 75% of all dog owners would work longer hours if they could bring their dog to work.  In this day of employers trying to create “work-life harmony” and adding more value to their employee’s’ benefits, bringing a dog to work sounds like a fantastic […]


Premium Outlet Mall Coming to South Grand Prairie

NBC’s local Channel 5 News team just announced that a premium outlet shopping mall is headed for south Grand Prairie. Along the Hwy 360 and I-20 corridor, a San Marcos-style outlet mall is planned for the near future. Christmas shopping fanatics like the Wellspring Church women’s group will no longer […]