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Why Writing Your Story Is So Important

I’ve already explained my reason for writing, journaling, and blogging my story. But something was missing. I didn’t hit the mark. I talked about some things I hope to accomplish. But I think there is a greater mission. At the core, I think we ALL should write at least part of our stories and […]


How To Do A Virtual Book Tour

One new concept which has become available to all authors looking for new trendy means for promoting their work is something called the Virtual Book Tour—or VBT for short.  Like the more traditional brick & mortar book signing event, VBTs allow authors an opportunity to connect with readers of their […]


The Need to Write: Tapping into Your Creative Flow

Have you ever found yourself staring at a blank page of a [possibly] brand new composition book, feeling the gut-wrenching urge to write but instead of drafting the next great American novel, you find yourself ripping your hair out or beating your forehead on your desktop because you don’t know […]


5 More Tips for Marketing Your Book

Continued from last Thursday’s post on marketing tips for self-publishers, here are five more tips for successfully marketing your book:  Collaborate with other self-published authors One of the things I did early on is find others who were working to promote their work in the same manner as myself. I asked […]


Networking 101: Get Back to the Basics

As ironic as it may sound, I often struggle with this whole self-publishing process—being I’m no different than you or the next person. I spent the time alone (like you) soul-searching and meditating, pondering and simply thinking about the choice to release my own title and in the end I […]


Proofing Versus Editing Your Unpublished Book

When working to create the ultimate finished product for your self-released title it is imperative that you put out the most polished (book ready) manuscript you can—because in the end—your book is competing against thousands of other potential sales for the would-be buyer.  


More Award Contests for Independent Authors and Publishers

In my article dated January 24th, 2008 (Major Contest Recognition for the Independently Published Author) I referenced eight novel contests specifically targeted and geared towards the self-published author. And in order for me to maintain an effective weekly column of introducing tips, tricks, and updates for all my readers, it […]