The Arts are the quintessential expression of our humanity. In these articles we’ll dive deep in search of discernible patterns and defining moments  in American culture.

New Music: Marilyn Scott’s Everytime We Say Goodbye

After 30 years of musical performance, Marilyn Scott followed through with an all-time dream: to record an acoustic jazz album like the old days in New York City. After albums like Avenues of Love and Walking with Strangers, Marilyn’s newest release, Everytime We Say Goodbye, is a refreshing change of pace. […]


Movie Review: The Bucket List

Friday night. Just finished watching The Bucket List. I was expecting this to be one of those films that gets my wheels spinning. You know the kind. The ones that make you want to reevaluate your life and find more meaning in every waking moment and makes you kiss the […]


Movie Review: The Fall

When I went to see The Counterfeiters at Magnolia a few months ago, I saw the poster for The Fall.  It caught my eye as I was headed to the ladies room before the movie started.  I stood transfixed by the poster.  I’m not really sure why; I just stared […]

person holding a pen writing on a piece of paper

Do All Writers Write Books?

Do you hear that sound of smacking lips? That’s me trying to get the bad taste of Austin out of my mouth. That sounds really negative, doesn’t it? It wasn’t all bad. I’m just let down. In my previous post, I wrote with excitement about going to Austin to the […]


Movie Review: Then She Found Me (2008)

So this blog was supposed to be about Mama Mia.  Angelika had come through with a free screening pass to Mama Mia, and I invited my old college roommate, who lives in Bedford, to make the trek to Dallas on a Thursday night to see it with me.   


Comic Book Movie Cameos I Want to See

Seeing how I am a self-professed comic geek, I am generally my friends’ go-to source for any and everything comic book related. Currently, the most often asked question that I am getting is: “Why did they make another Incredible Hulk movie? Didn’t they just make one a couple of years […]


Movie Review: The Happening

I love M. Night Shyamalan’s films.  The man makes me speechless.  The storylines in Sixth Sense, Signs and The Village will always be amongst my favorites, especially The Village.  There was just something haunting about it and the character that Joaquin Phoenix played.