The Arts are the quintessential expression of our humanity. In these articles we’ll dive deep in search of discernible patterns and defining moments  in American culture.

RIP Reading Rainbow

“Butterfly in the sky, I can go twice as high” ok now many of know those words. We grew up hearing them everyday after Sesame Street and Mister Rogers, it is the opening words to Reading Rainbow’s theme song. That song has now been silenced. The last episode of the show aired August 28, […]


Race to Witch Mountain Speculation

I was pretty excited when I heard they were remaking Escape to Witch Mountain. I loved the original and their sequel. Even though both movies were released before I was born (1975 and 1978 respectively), my parents taped them off of cable (or ABC’s the Wonderful World of Disney on Sunday […]


Music Review: ColdPlay’s Viva La Vida

When Coldplay first came out, I have to admit that I was skeptical, mostly because I wanted to avoid trends. Come to find out, a few years later, good music is just good music. And good music is unavoidable. I am definitely not a Coldplay skeptic any longer, regardless of […]


New Batman Villains Hit the Wire: Open Thread

The rumors are circulating about the next Batman movie. Who will be the villain? Which actor/actress will play the role? These are just speculations and rumors at this point. No new Batman villains have been officially announced. Here is the original story from  


Movie Review: Gone Baby Gone

I usually do my best to review a movie, give my opinions and still keep the important surprises for you to discover on your own should you decide to see the movie. I started a blog for Gone Baby Gone a few weeks ago but stopped because I realized that […]


Irony, Existentialism, and Extraterrestrials, Oh My!

Irony is defined in my trusty Webster’s New World Dictionary as an event or result that is the opposite of what is expected.  It follows, logically, that ironic is opposite to what is or might be expected.  So, by definition, it’s incredibly ironic that my movie viewing has decreased since I […]