Tarmon Gaidon and Robert Jordan’s Health

Tarmon Gaidon is the name chosen for the last battle between mankind and the Dark One. It is the Armageddon of Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time series. A solid year of catch up reading has brought me to Tarmon Gaidon’s doorstep, only to be bitterly disappointed.  


Homer, Tolkein, and Jordan

Homer was required reading in sophomore World Lit, but The Illiad and The Odyssey are forever burned into my literary consciousness. Grand, larger than life tales of adventure, colossal battles, and mythical heroes litter the ancient landscape. Homer took a collection of myths and wove them into a historical tale worth believing.   


Fantasy Novels: Robert Jordan

I read somewhere recently that fantasy novel sales are rising faster than most genres. USA Today even did a story on the genre, crediting The Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, and The Wheel of Time collections with repopularizing a classic literary style in popular culture.