Do Over book cover by Jon Acuff

Preserve. Honor. Create.

I’m sitting here on my bed reading the first few inspiring pages of Jon Acuff’s new book, DO OVER. It’s so inspiring, in fact, that I just set it down mid-reading page seven so I could type this out. Some things have to change around here. I’m not just talking about this […]

Harold Bloom

Growing Up with Harold Bloom

Going through my library this weekend, I came across an old copy of Harold Bloom’s classic, The Western Canon. When it was published, Bloom’s book was (and remains today) controversial among educators and academics for its unshrinking advocacy of intellectual elitism and its defense of Western canonical literature.  That is, the […]


Book Review: Warbreaker

lthough there is a sufficient number of titles to grant “fantasy” a section separate from science fiction in most bookstores, they are still grouped together. The irony is, in most cases, a fantasy novel has to incorporate many features of science fiction to create a new world or environment.  

book cover of Style A to Zoe by Rachel Zoe

Style A to Zoe: A Fashion Book Review

I have never thought of myself, by any means, as a fashionista. However, I do like to keep up with what the latest styles, trends and “it” whatevers are. I never identified with one style icon, but rather took aspects from different women in the fashion and entertainment world that […]


Two Cultures, Revisited

One of the most influential books of the late ’50s and ’60s was a book called The Two Cultures and the Scientific Revolution by British scientist and novelist C. P. Snow.  

Book cover of Multitude of Sins, by Richard Ford

Book Review: A Multitude of Sins

A Multitude of Sins (2002), by Richard Ford  Some writers have been an acquired taste for me. When I first read them it took me a while to slash my way through their impenetrable styles and enter the fragrant garden on the other side. Faulkner is one. Raymond Carver is another. […]


Book Review: Outlander by Diana Gabaldon

When my friend recommended the Outlander to me through email, I thought, “Cool, maybe I’ll get around to looking for it the next time I don’t have anything to read.”  Then when I saw her over the holidays, I asked her to refresh my memory on the book that she […]