Bumper Sticker Remorse

I was driving to work one morning and I found myself stuck behind a newer looking Honda Accord with bumper stickers slathered across thebumper, windshield and other parts of the car. This gentleman is very obviously a Democrat, and he has taken quite a bit of time to make his political beliefs known. There is nothing wrong with this. He has every right to do so.

There were stickers ranging from the simple Obama/Biden stickers to heckling Palin to calling McCain the equivalent of a feather plucking cockatoo…and that isn’t a nice thing. It is great that this gentleman wants to express his political stance, and if he got my attention, it can safely be said that he got many other people’s too.

I found myself thinking I was kind of jealous that I didn’t have that on fire conviction for any candidate or party. I’m not a fan of either presidential candidate. I never really liked an of the possible candidates and while the election has seemed to be the topic everyone wanted to talk about , I wasn’t nearly as engaged.

I’ve never voted a straight ticket. Like for Indiana Governor, our current Governor is a better choice when in regards to higher education.

I work for a statewide community college system, so it makes sense that I voted for him. He’s a republican, but that does not mean I’ll vote for that party all around. I thought about how I couldn’t wait until the election to be over so my only “team” loyalty will be to “Team Edward” and bringing back Blood Ties. As my mind started to wander…something even less unrelated to politics popped into my head. “Man it is going to be hell to get those stickers off.”

I looked a little closer…hoping the “stickers” were really magnets or stickers put on magnets. Some were but most of the stickers were actual stickers put on the back of the car. Ouch! I purposely only have my Guster widow cling and BLOG bumper magnet on the back of my car. I even conceded and put my “Corporate Goth: Because Nice Boots are Expensive” sticker on my laptop because I know how hard it is to get those suckers off.

Well no, it isn’t hard to remove them. The issue is what will you do to your paint job in the process. You can carefully remove them and minimize the damage, but it is a lot of work and far from fool proof. When you go to sell that car, unless you pay for a new paint job, this could look bad.

Yard signs are easy to remove. You can stop wearing t-shirts, and the commercials and debates will soon be nothing but a distant memory (thank God!). However, this guy has to look forward to painfully removing each of those stickers. Well he could just leave them on.

Now if Obama wins, it really isn’t a huge faux pas initially, but soon people are going to be over the whole election and want to move on. However, if Obama loses (mind you I’m writing this on election night…as I watch the election coverage) that could be a little more shady. I know my eyes automatically roll when I pull up behind that car with the Kerry/Edwards sticker slapped on the bumper.

Are political bumper stickers like a tattoo? They sound like a great idea at the time. You actually may still love them dearly, but maybe it isn’t what you want representing yourself to the world?

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