Author: Sarah Tohler

young dog looking cute

Throw Your Dog a Healthier Bone

Dogs are the new kids… at least in my circle. Dogs love you unconditionally, never cry or get colic, can be left home alone and don’t need a new pair of shoes five times a year. Sounds like a pretty good arrangement to me. So good, in fact, that I […]

Samsung Blue Earth phone

Samsung Paves the Way for Green Cellphones

It’s official – blue is the new ‘green’. Recently Samsung have been proudly touting their ‘eco-credible’ cellphone, the Samsung Blue Earth. The phone itself has not yet been released, but already it has people talking, and for good reason.  


Dry Cleaning Doesn’t Have to Be Toxic

It’s been years since I’ve taken anything to the dry cleaners. When I realized how toxic dry cleaning chemicals are, I promptly began checking any and every tag of each item of clothing I bought. It was machine or hand wash for me or nothing.  


Esurance Sets the Bar for Eco-Minded Insurance Companies

I remember the first time I saw an Esurance ad on television. The ad didn’t stick out to me because of killer branding or intense concept, though. It stuck out simply because I thought, “Big whoop.” An insurance company branded totally on the fact that you can take care of everything online? […]


Is Bamboo the New Cotton?

The first few times I came across bamboo sheets, the thought of panda snacks rubbing against my skin didn’t seem especially velvety. I was interested, though, and took the bait. Upon first touch I was shocked… bamboo fibers are surprisingly soft.  


It’s Hip to be Green

There’s a lot of buzz around the word “green.” So much so that I’ve gotten a little irritated with the whole “it’s hip to be green” phenomenon. One day while shopping with a friend, I climbed up on my soapbox and started ranting about the “Hug me, I recycle” shirts […]


Is There Such a Thing as a Green Dallas?

Dallas has a bad reputation of being a bit behind. Behind in what? Well, you can pretty much fill in the blank there, but progressiveness is the major theme. So what about Dallas and environmental or “green” standards? I’m not saying we’re ahead of the game by any means, but […]